Hello and greetings. I sincerely hope that

Henderson, William M.



To: Whom it may concern From: William Martin Henderson, [ID] POB 4670/05-125 Lancaster, CA 93535-4670 January 9, 2017 Hello and greetings. I sincerely hope that you or someone you may know will be able to help with some requests, and help right some very terrible wrongs. Currently, I am falsely imprisoned with a thirty year sentence for crimes that never even happened at all. Prior to the arrest, I had no criminal record, and was considered a fine father, husband, and citizen. I had recently passed through Federal Security clearance background checks for the second time in my life. The first time was as a young serviceman. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, I earned a degree in physics, with top honors, and worked as an aerospace engineer, developing and testing new rockets with the same aerospace firm for more than ten years. I received excellent performance appraisals every year. However, now I am financially bankrupt and in a California prison. All the ruin is from fabrications and also accusations of crimes, and even events which did not happen. Involved public officials and private individuals should have known and done better. Basic, age-old principles such as verifying every accusation with two or three witnesses, tossing known perjurers out of courts (minimumly), and investigating carefully, were not followed. Misdeeds and even crimes were committed by public officials and others to falsely imprison me. To win my exoneration, good samaritan attorneys, law students, psychologists, forensic experts, investigators, investigative reporters, internet users, philanthropists, investors, or perhaps others are needed. Those who have been falsely accused and exonerated could help a lot with success stories, leads, and advise. Please, are you or someone you know, willing and able to help in some way to have me exonerated, or pursue civil suits which truly need to be pursued? Do you know someone with internet access who may help? Do you know of professionals who may help? Do you know of organizations or firms who take on such projects? Can you send me any applicable yellow pages, leads, directories, helpful articles, or similar? If you would, please review and pass copies of this and the enclosed to any and all who may even possible be encouraged to help on a contingency, charity, or pro bono basis. Any who kindly volunteer to help rescue afflicted souls from this modern version of a lions' den, must have absolutely no misconceptions about how and why a few unethically principled individuals, including even judges, separately and jointly, commit the evils of distorting, repressing, and twisting facts, statements, and the truth in such convoluted ways, that an uninformed jury is misled into rendering false conviction, and even many of one’s friends and relatives are led astray into believing lies and gossip, or are puzzled about what to believe. Obtaining my exoneration and freedom will not be a simple task. Bob Herbert in his article, "How Many Innocent Prisoners?" (New York Times, July 18, 1999, page WK-17, www.nytimes.com) states: "...it is easier to learn to fly by flapping one’s arms than it is to get a district attorney to admit to having sent an innocent person to prison." The same likely applies to perjurers, corrupt officials, and those who aid and abet them. However, winning my exoneration and civil suits should not be an impossible mission. As an aerospace engineer with a physics degree, who has been referred to as a rocket scientist, I can think of ways to do the first mentioned operation in the above quoted analogy, but only with the right tools, some outside help, and an external power boost. To win my exoneration and release, outside help and expertise are urgently needed from those who are well familiar with the legal system, case law, forensics, psychology, or similar, and who are also willing and able to strive in this good cause. The New York Times article refers to data which strikingly indicates that 25 percent of those in this country’s state prisons may be falsely imprisoned. This is appalling! We certainly did not have such a high error rate at the "rocket ranch". If what I have seen and experienced is an indication, then the error rate in California is, if anything, far worse than the national average. But with even half the 25 percent figure applicable to California, there is still a mighty long list of people locked away in this state, literally thousands, who should not be. It appears that there is a modern version of a "Schindler’s List" for all of us to develop and work. In an effort to remedy such problems, Barry Schleck and Peter Neufeld, co-directors on an innocence project in New York, have helped establish innocence projects in other states. They have been doing this based upon their own and others’ numerous successes in winning the release of the falsely imprisoned. Do you know of groups that have innocence projects or similar programs, who may possibly help on my behalf? Here are some websites for encouraging efforts to free the falsely convicted and win true justice: www.ceneteronwrongulconvictions.org www.cardozo.yu.edu/innocence_project www.law.berkely.edu/clinicals www.sentencingproject.org www.law.wisc.edu/fjr/innocence www.innocencedenied.org www.ncip.scu.edu www.fmsfonline.org www.law.washington.edu.ipnw www.cwsl.edu/icda/i_Innocence www.macarthurjusticecenter.com www.justicedenied.org www.criminaljustice.org www.prisonlegalnews.org www.ipnw.org Please, are you able to send leads for those who may help? Names and postal addresses are best, but any useful information will be appreciated. Applicable telephone book yellow pages, advertisements, directories, articles, and details of how others have been exonerated or won civil suits would be a great help. I have a long list of websites to be searched for leads, and similar projects that require internet access, but I am without even a phone line. Are there any volunteers who may help with such projects? The same county that has falsely imprisoned me, Santa Barbara County, also falsely imprisoned at least one other man for many long, arduous years. He was finally exonerated and released. The appeal of my case spent many months in a federal court before it was denied. It was initiated there by me. Many issues were never presented. Competent legal professionals and other experts, giving the case a wholehearted effort, surely could have done better at all levels. Is there anyone who may want to adopt an inmate with a cause, and help with some basic needs, a letter writing campaign, internet access, postage stamps, leads, or in some other way? There are a few family members and friends who have remained loyal, but the loyal ones all seem to be nearly as broke as I am. If someone wants to help, please ask him or her to write me soon. There are some figures showing California spends more than $50,000 per year to warehouse someone in prison. For hardworking attorneys, investigators, forensic experts, and others, a false imprisonment lawsuit, settlement, or other lawsuits may pay well, and even become the seed money to help others in desperate straits, plus maybe save taxpayers some money, eventually. The Good Book has ancient proverbs which state fools scoff at justice, but the wise understand it well. For everyone’s sake, the real criminals in at least one country, regular King Ahab's and Queen Jezebel's, need to be clearly told, and hopefully learn, that it is extremely wrong to falsely imprison people, and cause associated problems among families and friends, before they do it again to someone else. But, irregardless of the savings, or even costs, releasing people from prison who should not be there, and especially releasing the the falsely imprisoned, is simply and positively - the right thing to do!!! All help will be very, very greatly appreciated. Sincerely, William Martin Henderson

Author: Henderson, William M.

Author Location: California

Date: January 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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