Hello and greetings to all who takes a minute or two

O'Quinn (Nicanor Yisrah Sharie), Chester



Aug 8th, 2020 Hello, and greetings to all who take a minute or two to read my letter. I have many things to talk about, but they will not all be in this letter. If you can relate to what I talk about in this letter or others or have questions and comments that may help me or someone close to you please contact me I will respond back to you. I can't write like I use to, nor as much as I use to, because of injuries obtained by four Illinois D.O.C. Correctional Officers. As a result, I have Neuralgia, Neuritis and Neurosis in my hands and wrists after having cuffs placed so tight on me, dragged on the ground, my arm and wrists were deliberately twisted to make me cry out in pain and one of them stabbed me with his key in my hand and it went straight through. My wrists were/are messed up for the cuffs were soo tight they cut through to the bone: I was bleeding bad hollering and screaming for help. This was also done in daylight and in front of many cameras and other prisoners at Pinckneyville Prison in Pinckneyville, IL. This was done without any provocation from me. I was not written a ticket for doing something. Noooo. At least 70 percent of the officers are racist, honkey-tonk, hee-haw, pick up truck driving going hunting types. But it seems like they prefer hunting "coons" the Human African American kind. I once saw them the officers in Pg. 1 of 3 Pinckneyville beat a guy cuffed up soo bad they nearly killed him and it made the news; but they spint the story to make it appear it was all his fault. Many other prisoners have suffered beatings at the hands of Pinckneyville officers and only one officer in the 6 or 7 years I was there was ever charged. I wrote to D.O.J., I wrote the F.B.I., I wrote the Illinois State Police, I wrote Prisoner Advocacy groups i.e. John Howard Association, Uptown People's Law Center, but no one would come to my aid or assistance; when it comes to the police in the prison beating your ass for no justifiable reason other than you being African American and the fact that they can and get away with it. Only two advocacy groups have ever assisted me in prison and they were The Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression and Equip for Equality pertaining to medical issues. I have to cut this letter short for I can only send four or five pages without being charge by this mailroom in this prison for extra postage depending on the paper used. One's race shouldn't matter in prison, but it does for the majority of prisoners in prisons are African Americans. This means that the majority of hardships, sufferings and abuse will come to Blacks; for the majority of those who run and are in charge of the prison are white. So tell me, are Black Lives in prison more extendable? It seems to be the proverbial view Pg. 2 of 3 point from what I see. Tell me, if Black Lives Matter out in the world, then they should really matter in prison where you are at your greatest disadvantage to the powers that be in charge charge. Most black prisoners lack any resources, i.e. family, financial, or otherwise. Most guys families are soo tired of them going back and forth to prison, so they stop messing with them, but hopes that they learn or overcome their bad habits and wise-up. Now, some guys like me have lost via death all their family or those who really loved them. And most in prison were already poor, so they never had any real finances. There's an old saying that you really don't know who loves you until you die. Heard it? Well, that's not true for you who don't have to die to know who really loves you... All you have to do is come to prison and you'll find out very quickly who loves you and doesn't. From who writes you and who can you write to, who can call and who accepts your phone call, who sends you pictures and tell the younger family members who you are, who sends you money, and one of the biggest ways who comes to see/visit you in prison. Like I said, most people don't care about prisoners until they or someone close to them winds up in one. I believe God gives the good in life and the bad (by allowing sometimes the wrong choices we choose/make to teach us what was not right) and evil (the Devil to try our faith in Him (God) to perfect us for the kingdom to come come. Pg. 3 of 3 Sincerely, Chester O'Quinn Nicanor Yisrah Sharie

Author: O'Quinn (Nicanor Yisrah Sharie), Chester

Author Location: Illinois

Date: August 8, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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