Hello, I am a former rocket scientist

Henderson, William M.



From: William Martin Henderson [ID] POB 404040, 89-224L Ione, CA 95640-9040 June 4, 2019 Hello, I am a former rocket scientist who has been falsely imprisoned in California for 21 years. I am extremely tired of it. People in prison suffer terrible abuses, which call for lawsuits and criminal prosecutions of corrupt officials. Winning my release should pay millions of dollars in a false imprisonment lawsuit. Last year a man was fully exonerated who had been on death row for 41 years (www.sanquentinnews.com August 2018 p4). Such injustices are torture, pure and simple. Thousand in the U.S., I believe, are falsely imprisoned. Without a doubt, my convictions can and should be overturned, and those who caused them prosecuted. My eyes have been opened as to how evil much of the society, and many officials in the U.S. have become. In 2018, I renounced my U.S. citizenship. For eleven years, I worked as a rocket scientist on some of the most wicked weapons of mass destruction ever devised by man. A long time ago, I determined that I was not working for the good guys, but the evil, wicked, and godless ones. Once released, I want to live outside the U.S. Many countries are on my list of possibilities, most are in Asia. My services are available in honorable, peaceful pursuits to whomever will accept me. I have been a Christian, in touch with God's Holy Spirit, since my earliest memories. Do you know of any good Samaritans who may help free the oppressed in the spirit of Isaiah, chapters 58 & 61, Psalm 94, Matt 19:19, Luke 10:29-37, Luke 4:18, John 15:12-13, and many others? Any truly enlightened person of God could help in some way. I believe there are more such people outside the established Christian religions than inside (Acts 10:34-35, Luke 4:25-27). I have sent thousands of letters within the U.S., without even a response in most cases. People with internet access could help wonderfully in a number of ways. There will be tremendous, eternal heavenly rewards (Matthew 25:31-46). In my case, and thousands of others, there will be financial rewards. Scott Lehr, formerly a vice-president with what was Orbital ATK, worked for me, indirectly, at one time, when I was chairman of an integration team. He was making around a million dollars a year, the last time I checked. I have hears of a person winning 6.6 million dollars in a false imprisonment lawsuit. Mine could be $10 million or more. To see an example of one type of misconduct that led to my false imprisonment, please visit www.FMSFonline.org and carefully read the amicus curie brief in New Jersey versus Kelly Michaels. In my case, and lots of others; wicked authorities, relatives, co-workers and/or neighbors really did do such things as illegal interrogation techniques, death threats, murders, murder attempts, assaults, perjury, and/or other seriously criminal methods, to obtain false convictions, or to prevent false convictions from being overturned once a person is in custody (Micah, Ch 3). Many conspire together in such crimes, sometimes over decades. Please read the stories of Joseph and Job in the Old Testament. Too late: it became apparent to me, that it is not wise for a believer, or anyone, to be around hypocrites, fake Christians, the rich, and those developing weapons of mass destruction or similar. To read about injustices in the U.S. system of injustices, please visit www.JustDetention.org, Justice Denied, various innocence projects, and similar websites, or watch the news or read newspapers - the ones outside the U.S. Never forgot the Salem Witch Trials. The U.S. needs to have U.N. sanctions brought against it. Corrupt officials need to be brought before world courts. Leaders should be charged and prosecuted for such things as war crimes and crimes against humanity. What percentage of murders of the innocent in the world is the U.S. responsible for through war, above ground nuclear testing, pollution, global warming, processed foods, and so forth? Where is the Interpol when you really need them? At government offices all over the U.S., especially judges quarters, Rome was not built in a day, but it pretty much fell in a day, as did the French nobility in the French Revolution. Dirt poor farmers in other countries do not have warm thoughts towards the U.S., as they try to farm your bomb craters year after year especially when bones of their loved ones are brought to the surface. Many in the U.S., particularly those in the government, business, and the wealthy, need to take to heart the lessons of history, including those in the Bible. It is very doubtful that they will, unless people wake up and boldly confront evil in a peaceful manner. Per the Bible and man's laws, not doing so makes a person an accessory, co-conspirator or enabler. The mass shootings need to stop. Submission to a wicked leader is wrong! Please post copies of this far and wide via the internet and other means, Please find ways to make similar messages go viral. I would like addresses of any individuals or groups which see the need for intervention. Many in the U.S. are drunk on power, violence, war, injustice, oppression and other evils. Personally, I would like help with my release and asylum in another country. Surely there are some good Samaritans around still. Many need rescuing. There really is a modern Schindler's List to be worked. Will you help? I echo the prayers in Colossious for you and yours. All help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded in one way or the other. Sincerely, William Martin Henderson P.S. For the best spiritual advice that I have seen outside the Bible please visit www.adventist.org, today! WMH

Author: Henderson, William M.

Author Location: California

Date: June 4, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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