Hello, my name is Larry Wayne Aiken

Aiken, Larry W.



Hello, my name is Larry Wayne Aiken. Family and friends call me Wayne. Here in FCI Fort Dix, the guys call me 'Needles', because I can sew and mend just about anything. I'm serving a 10 year sentence for a crime that I couldn't have possibly committed, because I was here in Fort Dix serving a 11 month sentence for violating my supervised release. First things first, I'm not a pedophile! Let me take you back to 2002-2004. I had my own small business fixing/refurbishing computers, and selling them at local flea markets. I was in a Naturists chat room talking about my lifestyle and how I didn't quite feel right wearing clothing. There were people posting pics and short film clips, sharing their lives. I had a few pics posted too. I downloaded a medium sized file of different pics of different people. I posted the pics I found the most interesting. Five of these were of a young lady, 19-22 years old, or so her profile stated. There was nothing pornographic about the photos. They were nude selfies. In one photo, she looks like she was aiming the camera like a pistol, a shooters stance, standing with feet apart. Innocent enough. About a year later, the FBI paid me a visit. Long story short, the young lady in the selfies was 15 years old, not 19-22 years. I was convicted and served 5 years in prison for 'reproduction of child pornography'. I've been in and out of Federal Prison since 2005, not for committing crimes, but had a few Probation Officers that were total dicks, and they would do any/everything to see me back in prison. Why? Because I'm an Anarchist. I'm a Rebel. I'm a menace to the Government of the U$A. I'm an active member of Anonymous, a member of Incarcerated Worker Organization Committee, (IWOC), a contributor to several Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) chapters, and part of the Redemption Movement. Anyway, back to why I'm in here. At my last S.R. revocation hearing, the current P.O. presented a flash drive to the court. I knew where it came from. It and about 10 other flash drives were in a box of computer parts that I had traded for a couple working computers. I had no idea what was on them. For all I knew, they were wiped clean (reformatted). The FBI's statement of facts said that there were four deleted images of C.P., all young girls. From the descriptions of the photos, all the girls were fully clothed, albeit they were wearing mesh underwear and thus showed the genitals. My opinion... I may be wrong... those pics were not pornographic. Remember, I have a Naturist outlook of life. Anyway, the charge of possession of C.P. was dismissed. I got sentenced to 11 months for the S.R. violation. Now comes the f'ed up part. I'm one month from my release date. Instead of going home, I'm presented to the U.S. District Court. The charge on the indictment... possession of a computer device containing child pornography!! Yep!! You guessed it, the prosecutor indicted me on the same charge and evidence that was previously dismissed. The date the indictment was filed... May 20, 2014... I was incarcerated serving my 11 month sentence. Long story short, throughout the whole legal proceedings, I denied everything, I was going to trial. The day I got the plea deal from the prosecutor, I was told... off record of course... by my so called Public Defender, that if I did not sign the plea of 10 years prison and 10 years of Supervised Release, the district judge would "throw my sick, perverted ass" in prison for 30 years and then after that, have me 'civilly committed'. The only reason I signed is because I still have a chance to beat the government and get my life back. I'll be released in March of 2023, 2 1/2 years from now. I went through the Appeals process... was denied every time. I filed 2 Commutations of Sentence, (basically asking for a Pardon), got zero response. I've written to numerous advocate groups with my case of actual innocence. But, just because of the nature of the case, they wouldn't do anything for me. So, that's it in a nutshell. I consider myself a political prisoner because I did not commit the crime that I was charged/convicted of. As I understand, this will be posted on the Internet. Please, contact me if you wish and definitely contact me if you think you have some information that might help me win this war. My contact information is: Larry W. Aiken FCI Fort Dix PO Box 2000 Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640 Also, any/all comments, opinions, etc welcomed. Don't be shy... I'm a adult, and pretty much have heard it all. My feelings died back in 2005 when I was incarcerated. Thank you for reading my story. Blessed Be to you all.

Author: Aiken, Larry W.

Author Location: New Jersey

Date: January 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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