Hello my name is Marcell Shavers an African American male age 29

Shavers, Marcell



Hello my name is Marcell Shavers an African American male age 29. I am currently incarcerated at a max prison located in Bruceton Mills, WV 26525 known as U.S.P. Hazelton PO Box 2000. I’ve been confined to the BOP for a term of 40 years for conspiring to possess a ounce of methamphetamine. I’ve been located at Hazleton U.S.P. for bout a year and a half and I never expected paradise in prison “But I once thought I was a human being.” Ive been going through some real difficult situation during this current incarceration at U.S.P. Hazleton also dealing with the fact I have one disabled arm from my right shoulder on down. This injury came about from an auto accident in 2016. Everyday seems to be a challenge for me. I am constantly harassed by correctional officers because I am unable to dress properly and keep my cell mopped and cleaned. Due to my injury I cannot grasp anything with my right hand I can’t even move it. I am unable to tie my shoes with one hand or fasten my clothes within policy. I have made serval complaints about medical hiring me an inmate assistant because I cannot preform the daily living activities. The pain I bare ruins me and the medical neglect has been extremely high. Animals at a Animal Shelter recieve good medical attention why shouldnt I? Dealing with the effects of whats happening in the outside world today has been weighing heavy on us inmates in U.S.P. Hazleton. We cannot control what’s happening outside of these prison walls but we are being punished seriously for the Covid-19 virus. Us inmates only recieve 45 mins a day out of our cells Mon-fri 5 cells at a time. Dealing with my medical issues it takes me 25 mins to shower and 15 mins to type one handed leaving me 5 mins to use the phone. Trying to accomplish these task in 45 min 5 days out the week has become a real mental health issue. The George floyd incident has brought real pressure on us black inmates in USP Hazelton because 90% of the staff are white and 90% of the inmates are black. Also A percentage of the staff took jobs to join officers in the protest happening in Washington D.C. and once the Guards return back to hazelton the environment has become hostile and the treatment of respect has become fairly loss. Me personally I feel like the Guards who volunteered to help with the protest should have went through a rehabilitation process before they returned back to working at Hazelton USP where 90% of inmates are black. Everyday I feel like I’m on egg shells and I’m learning things I can do to keep my mental intact because this U.S.P. lacks the criteria to help us inmates get through these crisis. I was unaware that my incarceration at USP Hazelton will physcologically disarm me of my mental capabilities to remain a intelligent person. I know I have been convicted of a felony and Labeled as a criminal but I have loss my label as a human being and how to be treated as one.

Author: Shavers, Marcell

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: October 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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