Hello, my name is William B. Hodges

Hodges, William B.



Essay #2 Hello, my name is William B. Hodges 4th… Patrick County VA. I want to state the following, I do not think I was properly represented in the court system of Patrick County VA. I was given court appointed council HE. Chip Slate, after public defender Katilyn Renyolds quit my case. I have studied several rules, procedures, ethics, and standards, I totally think the Alford plea I took on Oct 23 2017 at 2:00 pm in circuit court of Patrick County was not the correct plea in my case, I will explain in the following. I went to court this day, and upon my arrival I takeing into a room in the circuit court room and was briefed by my attorney Chip Slate. I was told we have a problem, he went on to say we had a sit in judge on this day of Oct 23 2017 at 2:00 pm. He stated to me that this judge was very harsh, and gives out a lot of time. I asked Mr. Slate my attorney, how he knows this, he stated, by the record of the judges history and knowing him personally. I told Mr. Slate over and over I did not want to go plead a Alford plea to my charge for the fact that if the court heard my case, and if my attorney had not refused to get the video I had asked not one lawyer but two lawyers including Ms. Reynolds and I believe it would help the court see I am not guilty of this charge, my lawyer Mr. Slate did tell me we would fight this charge if I choose to but I would be found guilty no matter what, I kept tellin Mr. Slate I did not want to take a Alford plea, more than several times but by his statements I feel like I coerced into my plea. I began to fear the choices of fighting my case but I began to feel like my case was pre-decided by the way my attorney said I would not get a fair trial if we fought the case. I was really afraid of what all my lawyer told me was going to happen to me, I kept tellin him I did want to fight my case, but he kept on, and now I think by his statements I was coerced into taking the plea. I only spoke to my lawyer for 15 minutes at the jail and only 10 in the court room that say, I do not think I was given ample time to make the right [skipped line] took this plea, I feel like now that I was coerced into this plea. I was afraid of what was happening, and also my lawyer told me I may get less time by taking this plea, how did my lawyer know this by not tryin my case. Once again I told Mr. Slate no I do not want to plead guilty but he kept insisting I do, on count of the judge. I kept tellin Mr. Slate we should fight, and if he had get the evidence I asked to help me, and show that I’m innocent and we try the case I believe I would be found “not guilty”, by he said no matter what this judge will find you guilty, so now I’m feelin like I’m threatened into the plea and coerced also, if the video would convict me I’m sure the police would use it, why was my attorney afraid to get the video to help me? I have tried to contact my attorney lots of times to only to either not talk to anyone, or a secretary that told me she would tell him my issues, I’ve tried by mail, other people who are power of attorney to speak to him only to have no contact. I feel like I was not defended totally and was coerced into my plea, my evidence that could help me was not obtained, I feel like I was really mislead, I was told we could get back to court sooner if I took the plea did a modified a presentence report, and sentenced by another judge. I don’t think in the 30 minutes he spoke that I was allowed enough time to really think about my case. I don’t know what will happen If I retract my case my plea but I truly feel I was tricked into my plea. I wish I could now fight my case with a new lawyer. William B Hodges

Author: Hodges, William B.

Author Location: Virginia

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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