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Primes, Otis



Full name of facility where I now reside: Mule Creek State Prison P.O. Box 409040 Ione, Calif. 95640 To: American Prison Writing Archive Publishers and Staff, Hello there and how are you all doing and feeling at this time today out there in the free society? I do hope that you all are in good health and care and enjoying of your lives out there in the free society with your dear family and friends? I'm doing okay for myself at this time today in health and mind besides being in a Calif. State Prison now today going on 18 years in a row straight with a prison term of 58 years to life, 2-15 years to life prison terms plus 28 years all ran consecutive for a crime that I did not commit as the crime did not ever happen in no type of way as two doctors both stated during my trial and the judge verbally acknowledged my complete innocence to this crime not ever happening before sentencing me Otis Primes and my codefendant to 3-15 years to life prison terms plus 28 years back in 2002. On my direct appeal back in 2005 one life sentence term got dropped because this crime did not ever happen but I had a court appointed appeal lawyer like i had a public defender during my trial so here I sit in prison going on 18 years in a row now with no release date but a bound date of 12-10-2059 to see if they want to release me at that time. My case is now in the federal appeals court and I'm one hundred percent sure that the federal judges are going to release me but it's a matter of time of when now. I wrote the federal courts in Sacramento, Calif. where my case was accepted last year in November and asked when will there be a ruling on my case and in January of this year I got a letter from a federal judge in Sacramento saying, as I don't have a lawyer, it will be anywhere from 30 days to 3,-three years so I have to be patient, I now know this. About three months ago I got a letter from the Attorney General of Calif. saying that because my appeal has now been over with for over ten years and I'm just now coming to the federal courts he is recommending that my federal writ of Habeas corpus be denied because of the many years gone by. But, I wrote the federal courts and told them that I am ADA as I have a bullet lodged in my brain from 1985 when I got shot in my forehead between my eyes with a hand gun pistol. This bullet caused my left eye to go completely blind and it has an adverse affect on my memory and thinking abilities. This bullet has moved a couple of times in my brain and the first time that it moved in 1990 it caused an aneurysm to develop in my brain. I laid in a coma this time for 22 days and when I woke up my thinking and functioning abilities as an adult was completely gone and for 22 months I was placed in a mental hospital. I'm okay now today but my short term memory tends to be forgetful some what. Any way, the intent of this letter is to ask you if your organization has a criminal lawyer that I can now hire for now at the longest I think about 25 hours. So if your organization has a criminal lawyer then can you please let him read this next page, page four and if he will work for me on consignment and get me free then I'll pay him $25,000.00 for his time and services and I now promise your organization $10,000.00 if you have a lawyer that will work for me and get me free. That is about all that I have to say for now so do take care and I hope to hear a good response to this next page seeking legal help one day soon. And also I'll like a response to this letter from your organization one day soon letting me know that you received these letters from me and you gave this other next page to a lawyer for me or maybe have posted it on the internet and the permission form on page one that I wrote out on page one can be used for the next page of this letter asking for legal help also, please?? So take care and please respond to this questioning letter as soon as you have the time? So take care out there, until next time I'll continue to be, just me... Sincerely Yours, Otis Primes

Author: Primes, Otis

Author Location: California

Date: August 27, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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