Hello there people of the world

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



10/03 2020 [two lines of Arabic text] The example of the good company and the bad company is like the carrier of Musk and the blower of bellows, the Musk carrier either gives you some, sells you a bit or you get a good smell from him. Where the blower of the bellows he either burns you or gives you a bad smell. The Haddith is agreed upon Hello there people of theworld, well looking at the news I;ve learned that the president got the virus and the vise got it to and our fearless leader can't conk out on us. My prayers goes out to them and there families. My pizzas are going at a very high speed and the bread I use for the dough, I can;t get it as fast as I, need it, In New york they sell bread at the commassary, here in Connecticut I got to get it from our feedings. I got the person that I;m making it for helping in getting the brerd. As soon as some onesees me giving one to an customer then he wants one. Other than that at least School started back. Slowly but surely every thing is coming back to the way they were and thats what I;m talking about. My case at the moment is being reviewed and It may take a while by it being so old. Other than that, I keep an positive attitude avery day. I brung the scrabble game over here when I came, but there are no victims here and the last one I played was back in H-1 And now I;m in M2, so now all I do on these recs is type some essays. A lot of the guys see me on the typewriter and don;t even know what I;m doing. every one is into there own thing, they got the guys who play poker, some play domines, cards, ETC. off a cheese&hot sausage where I pay $3 dollars for and I make 12 dollars. and thats a profit hhat I could live wwth. I was suppose to do some pull-ups but I turned to writing an essay. A positive attitude is the key in here., and being around positive people keeps me on track. I hope some of the people who I told to write has started. I thank you all for reading these essays. Yours truely K.B.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: October 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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