We are in a time today in which nothing is right

Joe Boy



Hello: We are in a time today in which nothing is right. In which we have government rules and laws we have to live by every day right or wrong. For instant... in my case I received sixteen years for an assault for trying to defend myself. Not known in California they don't have a self-defense laws. I should have knew from being in jail before. If you been in jail and prison like I have. before you sure to go back until they find the right rule or law and then you may be released. But if a new crime is committed in your community you will be picked up and possibly charged with two (2) or more crimes, if convicted. To show you how the justice system in California, in a recent "newspaper article" a man was sentenced for five (5) years for selling off a five (5) year old baby, which is his own step-granddaughter for rape, oral sex and other sexual acts (see page three and four). The justice system in California is for the rich people, who you know in office higher ups" even animals are treated better than a human. The people that can help themselves by paying a small fine for the mistakes they have done. Now don't misunderstand me. A poor person don't make us right or wrong and are not perfect. This man and the crime he committed is upsetting and unthinkable. There are worst crimes but this beats everything. But to treat his baby like this, I would like to know how he feel. Does he know he will most likely go to a prison on the main line all of the prisoners that read the newspaper are highly upset. I seen the time when a man come to prison with a case like his have big problem, I don't know about now. Where other prisoners enjoy beating or killing child molesters. Thank you for your time

Author: Joe Boy

Author Location: California

Date: August 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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