Hidden in transparency

Scott, Jovon



I have previous work filed Hidden in Transparency Written By: Jovon Scott Forever the Writer Prison creates a disdain of aptitude in the terms of adapting – a crucial aspect in regards to creating that balance to exist in an abnormal environment of controlled chaos. The up hill battle in efforts to sustain the conclusive elements in rehabilitation is at a high disadvantage, because there’s no pattern of reward for the individual subjected to the criminal state of mind since the adolescence of years that shaped his or her mind as a child. If you give someone something to earn, it creates a new pattern of learned behavior that has the potential to redirect the stemmed acts manifested from the cultural teaching of the streets. This isn’t only vital in the journal of rehabilitation, but it’s essential in the term of curving recidivism and aiding ones in the ability to think, develop and forged the will to succeed and properly handle enduring circumstance’s of unfortunate depths. The truth-in-sentencing law requires an individual to serve 85% of their time, and leave no room for earned good time credit. I’m 29 years of existing and I’ve been isolated from society for nearly 11 years. I was convicted of two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment, with no background. Yet, I was sentence with the disregard of rehabilitation. I was 18 years old when I was arrested – meaning if time runs it’s course as projected, I would be 44 years of age upon release. If prison offers no kind of help for violent offender no aid in the efforts of rehabilitation. Throwing us back into the throes of society is a failure to not just society, but to the individual within it’s self. Who are willing to hire a middle aged man fresh out of prison? Would you? So, the prosperity of an ex-convicted felon are slim next to none – but not impossible. The politic’s that has the stronghold on the penal institutions are idled and geared towards a financial blueprint of capital gain – at least that was the agenda. Illinois leads nearly all states in over turned conviction in the entire country. It has been stated that, the state of Illinois would rather allow a slew of guilty men to go free, than to rather admit an admission of their own fault or incompetence and/or corruption.

Author: Scott, Jovon

Author Location: Illinois

Date: May 9, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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