Hidden to oppression

Lee, Anthony



Hidden To Oppression (H2O) 
 When I look into the world I see endless opposition but even greater opportunity. Opposition is for everyone while opportunity is for those who take them. For individuals who take opportunities and seek knowledge for the betterment of their positional roles in this world have a greater chance at overcoming the inherent opposition. Living in tall grass aint so bad after all. Once you reach the prison system it obscures the outward goals of Freedom, Success education etc., its as tall grass in a maze. But to the victims of this form of oppression it can only prevail the minds of the submissive. Through this maze there are obstacles we all face, some turn into knowledgeable experiences others can be detrimental to any man. What some may consider as utilizing resources given or taking advantage of the system, others may see as a true sign of being obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree. For instance when things like movie night (1 popcorn, 1 soda) is a leisure for men at an adult prison/ correctional facility. When hidden figures make gestures that block the real signs of deliberately preventing facts and full details from being known. By means of pacifying in attempts to assure that all of who submit remain obstinate. Who would've thought hundreds of years before that this form of servitude would come in such serpentine form indistinguishable from its predecessor with the most common signs of possessing venom i.e., fangs and a rattle. At this point the modern form of servitude is commonly referred to as the New Jim Crow. It's referred to as such because it subjects many to a force deemed more powerful, in this case the criminal justice system. Although the majority still affected are black or brown it still affects our white counterparts. Opposition is the obstruction that tries to diminish the true value of the trials we face with great humility. Opposition is a parasite that places its unresolved problems on others. Its flourishing is measured from its ill will imposed upon others. Their vile and blame manifest physically as a burden upon the next. Race prejudices which emasculate mankind we are coming to regard as useful allies with such a theory no matter how much it may dull the ambition and sicken the hearts of struggling human beings. This form of opposition is hidden to the unconscious mind with a strike deadlier than most, it strips the strongest, healthiest of man of all physical strength and moral integrity. Prejudices which enhance the signs of the Willie Lynch Syndrome are present in the subconscious mind but are clearly visible in one's actions. It makes us oppose one another unconsciously which in turn supports the theory that we are not worth being civilized. Suppression of the mental development of human beings in any society or organization founded for particular purposes should be non-existent. It creates a sense of co-dependency in its direct and indirect victims. The direct victims being the one's in these oppressive institutions. The indirect victims being those relied upon for various things knowingly and unknowingly. This creates a perpetual and unforeseen burden on men and their families and nearly always surpasses the weak minds. 
 MAN'S EYE VIEW Anthony J.Lee

Author: Lee, Anthony

Author Location: Missouri

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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