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Higher Education 8-19-2018 By Earth Child Sun of The Universe If we forget that "we" are one nation under God then "we" will be a nation gone under. And such powerful quote from Ronald Reagan is true. My reason to stand firm on such quote is because Georgia political views, all its interest on capitalism and not real rehabilitation, and of course Georgia politicians with the Georgia Department of Correction would strongly disagree with my views due to the fact they have classes like Anger Management, Motivation for Change, Celebrate Recovery, New Beginnings, Thanking for a Change, True Measure of a Man, GED classes, which I myself have took mostly all of them and I'm a facilitator for three of these programs I've mentioned in this article titled "Higher Education." Including an outstanding core of volunteers and a true God fearing chaplain including a very, I mean a very small group of officers, unit managers, case mangers, and two out of five on the Parole Boards that will truly understand and agree that Georgia's prison system needs real rehabilitation in its system. Because what they are offering now clearly shows it's not enough and their 30% recidivist rate shows it clearly. Doing my experience of, incarceration I've come across plenty men back on their fifth or six trip back to Ill Town, and it really didn't hit home until a man at Smith State Prison talked to me about his charges because we're both are sex offenders he stated to me out of his own mouth Bro, I don't know why they are letting me go, after ten years all I'm going to do is grab another little boy or girl. He was crying out while others viewed it as a sick man that needed killing but me being me I look at the bigger picture. My mind is universal I look at the whole picture and not the small-minded pie. Yes, he took all his classes that he was recommended to take, one of them was SOPP (Sex Offender Psycho Educational Program), and substance abuse as well. But such illness was still rooted deep inside of him and such case isn't just sexual offense also drug offenses arm robberies, aggravated assaults and so on. These charges all carry the same element. And that's a mental disorder. You see Georgia Department of Corrections thrives on the same effects of the lock 'em up and throw away the key and keep these in cages where they belong while treating them as they are, from the Wayne Gardener and Zillmiller Syndrome but with a new era twist with camouflaged education with programs that really teach you how to obey but yet you can't crawl while they, expecting you to walk. Due to the fact they want you to have education rather than knowledge, you know both words aren't the same, you see education is only a field of studies dealing with methods of just learning from a situation which can help change a mind form a criminal to be a reborn citizen from an educational standpoint, but when you look at the world knowledge it means a fact of being aware of something you learned and it's understood which makes such education to be complied which is the key recipe for rehabilitation. I've witness with my own eyes how Georgia Department of Correction hires an employee that has a degree in Drug-N-Alcohol and they was once a drug user so their experience on substance abuse would help dearly for those who need to take such program but yet their duties for the Department of Correction are for the rec yard. Another real example the Sex Offender Psycho Educational class I had to take was a blessing due to the fact the instructor who taught the class had a real life, experience when false claims was accused against them. But the only reason they didn't get charged because the victim didn't want to lie on a person who never touched them, so that experience showed them at times claims of sexual abuse could be false and through such experience they can also determine a lie a mile away and they have on many times in class they would always state, tell the truth admit if you have a problem. That's the only way you can start making a change. And become a better person. Their words displayed passion that clearly wanted you to change if it was in you, and it was that person, the 12 Step guide I received from SAA out of California, CURE out of Washington D.C. and other information I received out of New York over the years that taught me what real rehabilitation was I even researched on San Quentin State Prison in California and discovered how the do-gooders in Marin County Volunteers' support and help inmates to better themselves through real rehabilitation because they care about humans regardless your race, religion or crime that was committed. They understood that real rehabilitation can and will not only contribute to the community but also help make it a better and safer place from understanding that "all" fall short at some point in their life and whatever experience you went through was really for someone else who will need such help one day. Even your darkest secret. I've experienced real conversations with gang members, killers and molesters who told me out of their own mouth their father, mother, teacher, even a pastor taught them how to have sex. They told me these things because I don't believe in lying about my case. I've been charged with aggravated child molestation, rape, incest and child molestation but the truth of the matter is all that happened was my stepdaughter and her brother witnessed their mother and I having sex in the bathroom. Years ago I was upset with my wife. The courts all for lies however self checking and the help I reviewed outside of Georgia what made my rehabilitation work and accept my own faults. My wife didn't catch me with my gigolo life pleasing married couples as they wish. Yea husband and wife that was my passion my dark secret that finally had to come to light. I made a vow and broke it that woman didn't deserve her heart to be broken, those kids needed a real father in their life and it's clear my actions caused me to get caught up on a sexual offense I came to reality from outside help not Georgia Department of Corrections and it's sad to say, but true with the exception of that one teacher in the SOPP class. Other than that. You're warehoused all day being a dorm orderly. While it's little movement other than that "we" just look at each other all day with nothing to do while one apple spoils a bunch, they see what's the problem but yet blame the whole dorm for someone else's error. This is all day every day. On top of that while you're in the system of Georgia and you've done over ten years of taken what little classes they offer from someone that's really not qualified to teach but they have the basic skills to make it do while lacking real communication skills, an inmate suffers to complete that class to make parole But when you're P.E.A comes around or your T.P.M if you have a violent charge or a life sentence with parole they tell you "and quote due to the nature of your crime you have to do 5 to 6 more years or do 2 more years but when I comes up you're denied. Now I can see if you raped or stabbed someone in prison an assault on an officer then that's understandable even failing a drug test over and over again. But something like a simple fight where no one is seriously hurt, why violate such person on parole remember, all we do is sit in a warehouse looking stupid at each other all day. That's why so many things i disbelieve in Christianity because so many in this Bible belt South claiming to be Christ-like on Sunday but God isn't shown through their actions when it comes to real rehabilitation unless it's one of their own. But then again Jesus says he's the morning star in Rev 22:16 which states in KJV "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in churches, I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright morning star." However through in depth research, Jesus is the lamb, the truth the light but once I start studying Greek and Latin words that ties back to the original Aramic language it showed prof that Jesus (real name Yashua) spoke Galilean a dialect from Aramic (Hebrew). The more I research I also discovered that Tammuz was the son of Ishtar (Greek name Mary) and Dammuz; Greek name take a wild guess?) Their son Jesus was also called Horus which all of these names ties to a disagreeable who they called from the Greek word Arnion meaning lamb Rev 17:14 which shows Tammuz was originally a disagreeable morning star that converted to agreeable while the KJV and other revised bibles display that Satan is the morning star because they refuse to interpret the true meaning of the Messiah. They refuse to accept the language the Scriptures were originally revealed in Aramic (Hebrew) Ashuriclysriac Arabic which is one in the same so they contradict their words from Leper ways just to refuse the truth with lies while forcing humans to accept what they say by all means. But what that has to do with "higher education"? Everything. Their only purpose is capitalism while flexing rehabilitation when you look at defy institute and the work they do to help offenders that real rehabilitation. When you use your powerful political views only on a conservative standpoint while disregarding what's right but your tradition stands firm on the wrongs that's been done for so long you will never see. Real rehabilitation it doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative Georgia Department has failed to truly rehabilitate inmates as a whole. There's so many powerful smart educated and knowledge combined with great wisdom in Georgia that's in the Georgia Department of Corrections that can change this within a matter of no more than two years tops. However Jubelo attacked Hiram at the West Gate and struck him with a 24-inch gauge. Hiram, wounded and trying to escape ran to the South gate where Jubela struck him across the neck with the square and finally Hiram ran east was attacked by Jubelum at the East gate and hit him with the fatal blow in the head with a setting maul. So, so many call on Jesus Allah Almighty God looking at walls the ceiling crying out for help while the public are also led astray while Georgia Department of Corrections spread its eclectic fruits so smooth they can't catch the aloof of the dark sayings that they clearly state with their actions that their only gold is capitalism on my personal rehabilitation that was again through the help of California, New York, and Washington D.C clearly shows me that I need to where help is not only welcome but I'm also surrounded by "real" humans with agreeable ways that will help me help myself." Georgia will never change and I honestly respect that and accept it as well. But it doesn't make it right. It doesn't mean it's right. But so many accept it not me!! Never!! Which is why such truth that's told from my real experience in this system of Georgia showed me how important rehabilitation is while finding your purpose in life just to be a blessing to others who will need it in the future so it evident that higher education is greatly needed complies with knowledge of self. These are my daily experiences in Georgia Department of Corrections Love all, Respect all For positive education always correct errors Peace Earth Child Sun of The Universe

Author: Earth Child Sun of the Universe

Author Location: Georgia

Date: August 19, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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