Hope in humanity

Taylor, Shariff



- Submission - pg. 1. Wednesday 7-22-2020 "Hope in Humanity" About two months ago, I began receiving mail from pen pals from different states on the streets who unknowingly helped me revive my faith in humanity at a point in my life when I was losing hope in humanity and today’s society. What I mean by saying “today’s society” is that; people in general seem to have lost their sense of empathy and sympathy for other humans from what I see on the news, which depresses me. Without people being able to put themselves in other people’s shoes or see where their point-of-view may be rooted from, society is doomed. I feel the strong urge to try to reverse this human error by writing my thoughts down for everyone to see on sites like “American Prison Writing Archive and Prison Journalism Project, talking to those close to me inside & outside, asking my pen pals to continue to show they understand or are willing to listen to those who have issues without judgment and finally, I donate to organizations that I feel will actually spread the love with grassroots efforts or boots-on-the-ground type of interaction, not just “talk.” Those are some of the efforts I’m doing myself to help, but imagine all the other people like me who’re doing their part too. When I do anything, I think about how it may come across to others or how it may effect them. Yes, there are things a person can’t help or that you have to do without care because you also have to stand up for your beliefs. Turn over What I’m basically trying to express when it comes to personal opinions is; try to take others in regard without breaking your own morals or values because there’s always a better way. Being in prison has taught me that value. Before I used to just say what’s on my mind no matter who it offended but through trial and error and coming back to my mental roots, I am much happier. Please everyone, try to come back to your humanity by whichever routes you can? P.S. Can you please share this and all my future writing with the Prison Journalism Project? Sincerely, Shariff Taylor R.J.D.C.F. - C-14-217 480 Alta Road San Diego, CA 92179

Author: Taylor, Shariff

Author Location: California

Date: July 22, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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