Williams, Edward E.



The intentions of HOPE is a extremely powerful thing. WHY? Because every or most prisomers in the State of Missouri believes in it. The Department of Corrections and the Parole Board depends om it. HOPE. As the prisoners/Offenders hope to go home at some point and time, there is no quarantee. In which I "HOPE" will change. Please let me explain in a thought that I have. Everyday the prisoners of the State of Missouri, get up and goes to work, programs or school. which in the end, means absolutely noth- ing. WHY? WHY, You can ask. That's a really good question. The prisoner truely hopes that the State of Missouri, and the Parole Board will be considerate when going to the Parole Board, to HOPE they will have somekind of mercy, and to be looked upon as possibly rehabilitataeed The prisoner will have great hope, even some prisoners will rely on prayers. But for nothing is certain. As to other states, the pri- soner does his/her programs, works, and stays out of trouble. He/She hnows years before what their out date will be. There is "NO HOPE" in this. The prisoners know. As for the State of Missouri, gggg truely becomes the operation of the prisons. It works on and only on the word of gggg period. LET ME EXPLAIN. W When and if you go before the Parole Board, or even a Caseworker, they will tell you that you need to keep a job and do all the programs. And MAYBE they will let you go home early. And you gggg the system will. HOPE. N0 GUARANTEES. I will also state that the State of Missouri pays people to work. You can work for (140) hours a month. For $11.50¢ a month. And some jobs pay $5.50¢ a month. I speak on this, because some people seem to think on the dollar bill, before their family. And let me explain on this. We work to keep the prison operating, so they can keep us here. Yes, this is true. As to most states, you get gain time and paid for working. The State of Missouri gives NO GAIN TIME, and pays pennies on the hour to work. So, I would think on both sides of the fence, as to say. We actually work for the dollar, and to keep us in prison. Because, If we don't the prison will retaliate on us and we will pay the price as to us being denied our rights. But, they know what the word HOPE can do to a person in prison, So, they use it to their fuel advan— tags, and then we work to stay here in the prison system of the State of Missouri. There are many organizations out there that is trying to get the prisoners of the State of Missouri, Gain Time or at least get the 85% reduced. How is the prisoner helping with the organizations out- side. We have to help them, If we ever want to get help ourselves. But of course, If we continue to keep the prisons operating. Why should the State of Missouri do anything? As for this writing, I truely think that the prisoners of Missouri would 39; bring any violence of this. This is not what this is aboup. It is simply to support the organizations that is working so hard to get the state to give us gain time and shorter sentences. As to the claim of slaves. I feel this is true, but, as long as we/prisoners, help the prisons operate, who can are could be to blame. So, I, as a person, a man, a human being, would say; " Truely think of what us, as a whole is doing? Do we ALLOW the Department of Corrections, and the State of Missouri to trick us into working and to keep us here. Or do we work on the issue to go home? What will we do? As to the first of this writing, the word EQBQ doesn't mean any- thing to the State of Missouri. As for us going home. 1; means a lot to the State of Missouri, to keep the prisons working. That's it:

Author: Williams, Edward E.

Author Location: Missouri

Date: April 17, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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