How do we do it?

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



How Do We Do It? Willie Worley, New York We watch them on T.V. Read about them in our newspaper. Hear about them on the radio and from various conversations. So why do we ignore what is so obvious to us? Is it our dislike for a particular party, or the individual himself? How is it we see the better candidate but still pull for the political charismatic that is destine to fail us? Do we all like what we will eventually regret? Like public servants that pass bad legislation, laws, acts, policies, etc.? Do we allow ourselves to be hypnotized by political theater? Intoxicated by the smooth words of a charming charismatic? Do we then feel that the political charismatic is for us? Let us take a minute and think a few things through. What makes us say all politicians lie just to get into office? Is it because we once believed in their abilities to serve the people in public office? Did they let us down to the degree that we did not want to vote for either party ever again? If we act on these thoughts who do we hurt? Surely not the political charismatic. His rationalization touched someone somewhere. The only people neglected by this were the voters who could have made a difference. For us that did vote or encouraged others to vote. We must put our personal feelings away, and ask ourselves the following questions. Who makes up the majority of possible voters, people that make over a hundred thousand, or people that make under a hundred thousand? Do we want somebody in public office that refuses to take federal funds for Medicaid for half a million North Carolinians? Should North Carolina elect or re-elect political charismatics that refuse our children educators better pay? What if we were to find out that a political charismatic that we thought was of incorruptible integrity wasted taxpayers dollars defending corrupt prison employees? Would we still vote for him? What if we found out that this political charismatic supported prison administration policies that produced a more irrational prisoner, thus creating a more dangerous environment for us to live in? Do we need to look at these facts? Yes. In 2016 North Carolina will have a new state leader or the same state leader. Governor Pat McCrory Governorship has been basically in the publics eye. His possible challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper has only stood out in high profile cases. Do we need to do some research in prison administration related cases that Roy Cooper and his Attorney General office represented? I would think so. Do we need to pray more electable candidates enter the race for North Carolina Governor in 2016? Most definitely.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: February 23, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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