How does one tell an officer hi

X, Chris



#1 Jun 06 2020 Dear Reader(s) How does one tell an officer hi in the am when their eyes drip of venom? How does one look at an officer when they smell of the trigger that had me getting my stomach pumped? How does one hold a conversation when one parties has chewing tobacco in his mouth? How can I tell an officer that black lives matter when I call my homeboy n*** for laughs and giggles? So many questions. Vey few answers that will satisfy my thirst. The thirst for ovderstanding that I am more than my DOC# and state identification number. My breaking point is near. I taste it as if it was as odorless as carbon monoxide. I was born with a social security number and my DOB. I have substituted them for two numbers now. The SID#, and DOC#. I don't want any more until my death date is near. I take to writing the APWA. Mainly because I wish for my DNA to be more than just relations through kinship. I have a message. We have a message. All of my friends are killers, yet they are not murders. I know those who can't escape that one murder. I hear those who have to speak of their victim in order to embrace reality because the illusion is too much. A reverse in what is right because wrong is easily accomplished. So I grab the DSM V edition to try and help them. I pick up my pen and write poetry, and those who I have to call my family. I now write 2# to people who sign "The editors of APWA." Why? Because I seek help, and if helping others with my sorrow will be better, I say go ahead. I've caused my share of grief. Silently I pray for that one person who will recognize that I am more than my 200-300 Tattoo's. Here lies a king who knows that he has distortions, yet he seeks Power, and Culture. To those who will become an officer of corrections please know that I can be a monster, yet we are human. To those who seek to become a warden please know that that title is that of a Matriarch and a Patriarch. To those who may want to volunteer one day, do so but please look at each person as they are first. Imagine them defenseless and at their most vulnerable state if that will help you mold your interaction into a style of Respect, curiosity, and civility. Question: How does one tell you that all lives matters? Answer: They 1st ask you, what matters to you. (Peace).

Author: X, Chris

Author Location: Maryland

Date: June 6, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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