How is everyone at Fourth City?

Carr, James



James Carr Nevada NO TITLE Hello, How is everyone at the Fourth City? I am going to contribute to the cause of showing societies exactly what it's like to be on the inside. I've done a total of about thirty six years in prison now, I'm just at about 24 yrs, on my present term. I was given lives without parole, all running concurrent, all of my crimes that I've ever done were theft and burglaries, there is no violence, or sexual crimes [period?]. I was given life, without because I simply would not plead guilty, and the prosecutors, judges that were involved in giving me this kind of time, they all know it's the truth. I am guilty of all of the crimes I was convicted of, I at the time felt in a way, that I had mental issues, or it was just a ploy to try to beat the system. I'm not so certain now, as to exactly where my head was at back in 1989 and 1990, the period of time in which I was battling it out with the state of Nevada. I am about to turn 59 yrs. of age in only eight more days, I hope to get this term commuted to a life with parole in two or three more years, and I figure I will be paroled immediately, if the good Lord is willing, I will. I am a student of Christian Science; metaphysics, I also like to study any religion, politics, science, philosophy, etc.. I believe that our time wearing this physical suit, is temporal, and life really has no start, or real end. I believe in "conscious evolution," that by virtue of our obtaining knowledge through all of the physical senses, and the senses beyond those, we evolve and we will eventually come to the state of absolute, universal peace, life, love, truth, freedom, and happiness eternal. Some my reason that our world has been as such, and it will continue in this cycle of how history (known) shows as that it has been? Well, look at this perspective, if we continue to reason by a misvirtue of fear. If we continue to believe that by nature we must compete with one another to be creative, then someone please break this down for me, because frankly I don't get it? In the scope of biblical reasoning it is conveyed to all who will lend an ear, that we have been bamboozled by a dark force, which has an entity that is natuallu tantamount to the almighty. I believe that to find it necessary to have one thing in contrast to another, so that we can appreciate, or grasp the meaning of each, could be an error? It is certain that in terms of our known world, there is the premise of physics. For each action, there is an opposite, equal reaction. Okay, so by virtue of what we gather from our known ambience, we being forth a cornucopia of seemingly logical deductions. Funny though, isn't it that we may forget our emotions often when heavily in our supposed logical deductions, do they not? Consider my particular criminal case, I reason that the judges and prosecutors allowed their feelings to influence their sense of Justice (logic) by virtue of certain factors. I do not like to throw up a race card, yet I sense that since the two sentencing Judges were noted to be, white, orthodox Mormons, and Nevada is a predominately conservative state, or it use to be? Now I did piss the officials off by behaving a little bit unruly (at times), so coupled with my suspicions of prejudices, I was given the utmost amount of time you could give to a not violent, non sexual offender, wouldn't you all agree? In a peculiar way, I thank God for this predicament, for it has caused me to see things (as well as probably keep me alive) in a manner in which I had not been able to see them before. It has taught me to live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others, as you would have them no unto you." I try to live by virtue of this spiritual logic, it is based on the two greatest commandments that my buddy Jesus spoke of 1. Love God with every fiber of your being, 2. Love your neighbor, as you love yourself." So now one may ask what is contained within this premise? Well, I say this, this is agape or unconditional love (God) created us all, and one believes this, and submits to this universal [mode?], then it is simply a logical deduction that all errors, sins, crimes, diseases, poverty, natural disasters will cease, what do you think of this reasoning? Well, I hope that you will decide to use this letter, and the drawing, I am an ink pen artist, or at least I've been accused of being an artist? Also, I am an amateur writer, I write short stories, mostly science fiction, and erotic fantasies. I will send more material as time allows Peace!

Author: Carr, James

Author Location: Nevada

Date: April 28, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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