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How People Like Me by Lord Nose By my owning my faults is how people like me improve and do better. Our Kind of People is how people like me are defined by an assortment of others with an assortment of agendas. How people like me are described is through a process of judgement, assessment and evaluation. Our Kind of Peoples values I relate to do not tolerate irresponsible behavior because such behavior would warrant a irreparable shattering of trust because of the enormity of the betrayal of trust that unites Our Kind of People. Wise up. Work Shops are available for those who slip or fall as on occasion do all of us. Inherently we learn through instinct that after birth we are compelled to stand and walk. We will stumble often and fall but we will walk. Even though lying down and having our every need met when not asleep requires much less struggle and energy inner instinctive motivation compels most mammals to pursue standing and to walk. How people like me depends on a 'fit' or overall profile that aligns with and is relative to the world view of those individuals who comprise, Our Kind of People. This method of selection and acceptance is much more effective than is subjective analysis and what it would determine or establish about me or anyone. My being patient and relevant is appreciated as a characteristic that is valued and considered by how people like me and let it be known why they do. Absent of interest or of concern about popularity allows me the freedom to not prioritize worrying about how people like me are subject to be stereotyped, stigmatized + categorized or objectified. Those who identify as individuals are how people like me are and also who I prefer to relate to; not to be misinterpreted as a clone of another or others behavior, attitudes or world views. A convict is how people like me are seen, considered, categorized, labeled and stigmatized by 'those others' who are prone to irrational hallucinations and conceptual constipation both which facilitate biased value judgements about individuals or groups of 'others'. Being branded or labeled as a convict is how people like me are considered by 'those others' as not being 'Our Kind of people" i.e. the right kind! Those others arrogant dismissive attitude enables them to conveniently not remember only the Creator has absolute power to judge. Existing at the boundary seemingly seamless between two worlds is a institutionalized inner circle surrounded by massive concrete barriers/electrified fencing with concertina wire designed for how people like me will be kept captive, contained and restrained in a imprisonment environment, and, though incomprehensible to who are 'those others' nonetheless it remains pretentious that although not to the same extent or extreme 'most' are obliged and locked into patterns and behaviors that are strikenly similar to the imprisoned populations loss of freedoms but with the difference of an abstract border enclosure or confinement. Two different sides of the same coin. True one side provides an abundance of perks, privileges and abiding of errors + mistakes but the bottom line remains a fundamental reality of parallel different dimensions of punishment/restrictions similarly experienced on either or both environments where 1 group are promulgated as being deficient, deviant and 1 group declared normal, conventional, typical and standard. These two sides are indicative of the thin line of discomfort between artificial respect that is obsequious, and, harsh disrespect that is appalling. Those 'others' on the side who exist with the impediment of a mental paralysis that prevents their willingness to see, accept or realize that characteristics such as bigotry, bias, prejudice and being judgmental are reflections of their aspirations and conditioning. Respecting oneself less is the price or cost paid for being callous, close minded and with dismissive arrogance of superiority. Those 'others' who identify with this behavior are averse to being confronted with this juxtaposition of callousness and extreme sensitivity indicated by the dearth of incentive for the will to change. A subterfuge is maintained with resolve that acknowledgement of this reality is a contradiction and imagined fantasy. How people like me interpret this attitude of 'others' is with robust fear and worrisome concern for the planet and all beings on it. How people like me survive requires the will behavior and intransigent perseverance that precludes a productive way of thinking and eschews vice versa thinking my way into a new way of behaving which too often can be and is deceptive + though alluring, destructive. This deception when acknowledged is similar to keep digging a hole with a shovel seeking wonderful treasure only to look up and realize the hole is ones grave. This realization is a sobering challenge wake up call and if not recognized or ignored fatal. How people like me are coerced to adhere to that control and outlook that insist I accept that to forge ahead beyond ruin and despair is a worthless pursuit requires that I fawn a apathetic outlook on life and living. The Kind of people who like me are kind and practice not being biased bigots + judgmental or Value Judge. Their feelings, beliefs and actions are reciprocal because 'we' are our Kind of people. What a woman who has a baby is is a Mother. A diverse, versatile, complex female individual is who she is. Several ethology research studies have determined that character good and or bad can be compared with pregnancy because people cannot conceal either or both forever. Our task is in which one we select to prioritize cherish and nurture. Refined cultivated selection ability is determined from an individuals experience of being conditioned. Choice's I make have much to do with the results of how I was conditioned from birth, and, this is conditional on a exponentially huge variety of factors. What I am is not who I am. How people like me is shown by their welcome inclusion which shows acceptance and unity. That I meet any preconceptions and or align with any assumptions or expectations will determine to what extent and length is my welcome. Unrelenting determination is how people like me live lives that reveal actions and activities both purposeful and purposeless combined with a combination of failures, futility and successes. Contrast this with an over zealous focus on how people like me are categorically written off as useless as the result of being in circumstances and a situation where I am branded a non-white convict. How people like me are able to recognize that this arbitrary association is a reckless and false equivocation re: conventional myth similar in fact to how people like me avoid instances and situations when + where truth is best not and rarely spoken. Even when the truth offends it is no lie. Truth avoided because it is offensive is a transgression. How people like me process this is with and in the belief that we have an obligation to prevent the perversion of truth and that its maintaining the course of Justice to assure fundamental fairness equally for all endures and is memorialized; In practice as well as conceptually. History illustrates that denial mask the truth and will have consequences. Unfortunately this practice is prevalent and more acceptable in institutions where the truth is considered expendable. Use it of lose applies profoundly. As this subterfuge continues it portends an ominous outcome. Contract the aforementioned with how the image of how people like me is promulgated and exploited to fit, enhance, benefit and augment specific agendas and reveals atypical and significant hardship absent of fundamental fairness that prompt and prolong profound inequities on every level of existence for how people like me live. Intuition paid as tuition of experience and exposure enables How people like me can distinguish between a conventional myth that the hoarding of Justice for a select group is futile and the cause why Our Kind of People of whom I am a member are so despised and resented because these practices by the dominant culture are self-serving convenient and typical though unjustifiable. The dominant cultures belief in its superiority is a consequence of conditioning of those who belong to it in their belief that the excess of compliance with their will is how people like me are obligated to conform to. Survival in situations where the conditions mentioned are operational requires endless vigilance and assiduous determination. Indeed mistakes will be made but experience revealed to me that mistakes are learning licenses and that in the face of peril fear is wisdom. News reports abound daily of and about non-white being Shot and Killed by dominant culture authorized police forces that insist on subservience and muzzling dissent from those who refuse to subscribe to this program of regimentation + are deemed to be crazy, reckless and irresponsible because of their disbelief and suspicions about the mores, values and standards of the dominant culture. The adulteration of every aspect of the systems that bind the dominant culture are undeniable and Prevalent. Those who reject going along to get along are not invincible yet resistance is warranted. At the brink of complete ruin and desolation I arrived judged by a dominant culture jury to be a convict and imprisoned. What will be my fate? What I fear. What I expect and what I hope for are two different futures. Again two sides of the single coin vis a vis how people like me are like minded and overstand that Fear provides wisdom to individuals receptive to it. Until I met one who had no sense, I did weep because I had no idea how people like me Know who our Kind of people are. I do know that I am not destined to be destitute as the result of a desultory attitude and lifestyle. No longer do I, as I did in my youth, cling to a romanticized view of what in general consensus has declared to be reality. And it is on that basis How people like me have come to an epiphany that Nothing is too good to be a lie. Invariably hallowed and esteemed traditions are values have been plagued with hypocrisy since their inception. As with problem solving logic when 'A' is incorrect all that 'A' is a part of will also be. I will continue to develop my brain engine to facilitate the rehabilitation of actions and actively predicated with my body. Since actions are easier to comprehend that words rehabilitation of my actions will be a small contribution to how people like me are in hot pursuit of Keeping it real, and, the elimination of 2 faced hypocrisy and the existence/survival dependent on cunning and insincerity. This is what how people like me do and why we do. Strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger with surreptitious surveillance of questionable practices that are operationally below the radar of the general public that causes an irreparable shattering of trust and confidence. Many who experience this decide to avoid lifes functions described as numbness reduced to a minimum, behavior becomes careless and indifferent to others, affording to risk foolishness, entirely selfish with acting out with cruelty a everyday ordinary occurrence and exhibiting a mental paralysis of indifference and dullness as though drugged on depressants. Such a lifes existence is irreconcilable with how people like me roll as individuals who collectively comprise Our Kind of people not being preoccupied with 'petti-greed', gender bias or ethnicity discrimination. Now in the midst of chaos + uncertainty the complexities of what we are provided in life are vast and beyond comprehension. How will matters like gender identity disputes, and, refugee chaos internationally be sorted out. Ambiguous hypocrisy and contradictions inherent in tradition and convention have the stage set waiting for 'all' playing a part to get their act together. May we not blow it. Plastic polluting our Oceans earths liquid blood; people with plastic personas and personalities that adulterate humanity. Earth Crises; and the end of a endless Essay. Comments,critiques welcome/Thanks received

Author: Lord Nose

Author Location: California

Date: September 2, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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