Human rights violations are usually what dictators are so fondly accussed of




1 of 8 May 2019 Human rights violations are usually what dictators are so fondly accused of, but yet too many of the people that operate the United States of America government agencies are guilty of many of the same human rights violations that dictators are accused of violating upon their people. I have sent many letters to state and federal agencies to notify them of the many criminal civil rights violations within Alaska Department of Corrections (AK DOC). I have written to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Alaska ACLU, ACLU, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Civil Rights Division and many other agencies and organisations that claim to stand against government corruption. They claim that the resources to help are not available, if they even answer. The civil rights violations by Alaska Department of Corrections officials are well documented and have been an issue for over 50 years. Am I, and others to believe that the people that operate State of Alaska law enforcement agencies that violate state and federal laws, are above the law!? The current governor of Alaska, Michael J. Dunleavy has declared "War on Criminals" so that he can fulfill his promises to private prisons for profit GEO Group with contracts at the cost of the Alaskan people. The actions of Governor Mike Dunleavy and his appointed staff is criminal actions of collusion and conspiracy to commit fraud upon the Alaskan people. Overcrowding in AK DOC institutions is only an excuse that AK Governor Mike Dunleavy is using to try to send Alaska prisoners to a for profit prison which is a warehouse of people without the possibility of rehabilitation. This is not a reasonable solution for the state of Alaska. AK DOC institutions have the same problems that many prisons face, gangs running the yards and mods, drugs, rape, beatings and other violence. But as bad as government run jails and prisons are, those that are run by private for profit companies have been proven 2 through court litigation, to be even worse. With the repeal of SB91 Crime Reform Bill in the State of Alaska, many more people are being incarcerated in Alaskan prisons instead of being given the chance at beneficial programs of rehabilitation. This action headed up by the Dunleavy administration has increased pressure on a system that was already in trouble due to the corrupt people in charge of the government of Alaska. A fair justice system!? Alaska Superior Court judges are appointed by the governor, but after four years the people within that Courts' voting district votes to retain or remove a judge from the bench. It is the fault of the Alaskan people for not demanding transparency of the record of these judges and voting them off of the bench. Dunleavy has filled as many judges positions with Prosecutor's/District Attorney's. Dunleavy even refused to fill a judge position in Palmer Alaska because the list of approved attorneys that he had to choose from did not contain a prosecuting attorney that he could appoint. This exclusive appointment of just prosecutors as judges make our injustice system bias and many of these judges are incapable of making fair and impartial decisions based on the facts presented and application of the law. The solution to AK DOC and Alaska's problems is crime reform, reformative justice, education and to provide a stable economy (Alaska has the highest unemployment rate at 6% in the USA - June 2019), not mass incarceration by a draconian governor. July 2019 Anchorage Correctional Complex (ACC) West, exchanged clean clothing in Fox Mod on 6/27/19 and then not again until 7/4/19. This is seven days in the same clothing at 80 degrees to 90 degrees in the mod. ACCW has no working air conditioning. This and many other issues at ACC are not occasional issues, these are constant occurrences that occur due to the 3 inability of the people responsible for the operations to adhere to well established existing basic civil human rights laws. Superintendent Zane Nighswonger, Assistant Superintendent's J. Christian Lyou, and Sandra Thomas, Lt. Ken Killian, Security Sgt. Thomas Elmore, Sec. Sgt. Hugh Hubbard and Segregation Sgt. Tanya Enyard Knowing, willingly and deliberately refuse to comply with the law to provide the people incarcerated into their care at Anchorage Correctional Complex with basic human necessities. They treat pretrial detainees (people not convicted) like animals in cages for their enjoyment. ACC serves Anchorage Alaska and many other areas of Alaska as a holding institution for those that cannot afford bail. Approximately 900 people. The Dunleavy Dahlstrom administration refuses to acknowledge that their inability to be able to manage and work within the confines of the law is causing intentional irreparable harm upon thousands of Alaskans. The lack of access to adequate clean clothing, bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hot water, clean meal trays, nutritional meals and other unethical behavior upon people by AK DOC officials must have accountability. After being housed at ACC for four years while my criminal case was resolved, on 7/22/19 I was transferred from Anchorage Correctional Complex (ACC) in Anchorage Alaska to, a sentenced facility at Wildwood Correctional Center (WCC) in Kenai Alaska. The transfer provided by an AK DOC transport officer K. Marshall of whom drove the 160 miles from ACC to WCC, breaking traffic laws the whole way. His illegal actions endangered the lives of both the public and the people (prisoners) that he was transporting, without seatbelts and chained to each other in a van. Officer Marshall drove 80 MPH in 65 MPH zones, 55 MPH in 45 MPH construction double fine zones, 45 MPH in 35 MPH double fine zones, no hands on the steering wheel at 70 MPH to eat and drink while driving. Why does AK DOC officials continue to get away with violations of the law? No accountability for their crimes is the biggest factor for their abuse of the power of authority. The culture within AK DOC institutions by many, but not all AK DOC 4 officials, is one that promotes and encourages abuse and superiority upon and over the people that they incarcerate within their institutions. This sadistic nature is covered up by the people in these positions that themselves should be sitting in a cell 'rotting' for their malicious actions. But AK DOC administrators, from AK DOC Commissioner Nancy Dahlstrom, down, are going to great lengths to cover up the abuse of power, corruption and civil human rights violations within AK DOC. This lack of accountability for the people operating the Department of Corrections across the United States of America must be corrected by the enforcement of the laws against these people that abuse their power of authority. The courts are failing the people, so the people must act. Again, the fix to these issues are fairly simple, if enforced. The people that hold these government positions must be held to obey the well established laws and when these law enforcement officials violate the law, they are to be held accountable just like any other citizen of the United States of America which includes their incarceration in prison for their criminal activities. September 2019 On 9/6/19 I received a court order dated 9/3/19 from Alaska Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Matthews, with a finding that AK DOC officials have violated my civil rights and a hearing is to be set for AK DOC to appear in court and show cause why AK DOC officials should not be punished for its civil rights violations. As Judge Matthews did not set a date and time in this court order for this hearing to take place, he has authorized AK DOC officials to continue to violate human rights laws without accountability, in collusion with the State of Alaska Assistant Attorney General Matthias Cicotte. October 2019 I have been at a sentenced facility, AK DOC Wildwood Correctional Center (WCC) for three months now. The people that operate WCC have a much better handle of correcting any civil rights violations that occur at WCC. 5 Linen's, provided, no issues. Access to adequate cleaning supplies, no problem. Access to legal materials, not an issue. Access to religious materials, there is a chapel library full of material. Toilet paper, plenty. Overcrowding, handled in a safe prudent manner to avoid sanitary and health issues. Access to the administrators; superintendents - Monday thru Friday. Violations by AK DOC Wildwood Correctional Center officials (which are not very often) are corrected immediately instead of ignored, un-like the actions of AK DOC officials at Anchorage Correctional Complex of whom enjoy treating people like animals in cages, to be poked and prodded to anger. The operations of AK DOC WCC shows that AK DOC officials are capable and can comply with the laws of Alaska and the federal government. Why is it that Alaska Governor Michael Dunleavy and his appointee AK DOC Commissioner Nancy Dahlstrom refuse to acknowledge and correct the civil human rights violations that are happening daily at the jail/pretrial facility Anchorage Correctional Complex? In Alaska, the governor is directly responsible for the Alaska Department of Corrections. These human rights violations that are happening within AK DOC is his responsibility to correct and its obvious that he doesn't intend to do so. This is a violation of the office that he holds and the laws of Alaska and the United States of America. The fix to the issues at ACC are fairly easy to accomplish. The guidelines set out by the well established laws are not hard to comply with. It isn't hard to comply with these laws but because of the lack of prosecution under the law when AK DOC officials violate civil human rights of people in their care, these criminals continue to hide behind the protection of corrupt government agencies. There is already 2.3 million people incarcerated in the USA for violating the law, whats a few more in prison? Oh, yeah, but these people are law enforcement officials that are violating the laws, so they have an exemption of the law, as far as most courts (judges) are concerned! Judicial corruption is as out of control in the USA as is law enforcement corruption. The people need to stand against all the corruption in and of the government. This corruption upon the people, are by people we may know, neighbors, 6 family and friends. Very few people can actually be given the power of authority, and not abuse this power. I have known good people with good intentions that are a whole different person when allowed to have a power of authority over others that contains no accountability for their criminal actions. After Alaska Governor Dunleavy's failed attempt to push Alaskan legislatures to send Alaska prisoners out of the state of Alaska, to GEO Group private prisons for profit, on 10/15/19 Alaska DOC Commissioner Nancy Dahlstrom announced that AK DOC is seeking bids to send Alaska prisoners outside of the state of Alaska to the lower 48 states. Under the law, AK DOC Commissioner Dahlstrom has failed to actually do the job that she has been appointed to do, by a corrupt governor of Alaska, Mike Dunleavy. This may by due to her having no experience for the under-taking of this position and the influence over retaining this position at the direction of the governor. Dunleavy has 'declared' War on Criminals, increasing imprisonment without rehabilitation. Dunleavy originally hired Donna Arduin of whom has connections to GEO Group private prisons and pushed hard to send at least 500 Alaskan prisoners to be housed with GEO private prisons, immediately upon her employment with the State of Alaska. After recall efforts against AK Governor Dunleavy, he removed Donna Arduin as his budget director and started making compromises in the public 'eye' to make it look like he may be a nice guy after all. But the willful and intentional continued contempt of the authority of the established law is a criminal pattern of government officials. December 2019 To alleviate the problems in USA prisons, one must start with the United States of America injustice system. With 2.3 million people in prison, 5 million people on parole/probation and 70 million people out of 7 326 million people in the USA with some sort of criminal record in the USA, crime reform, education, reformative justice, the removal of mandatory minimums and medical/compassionate release of most of the elderly, would reduce the number of people in this country that are incarcerated. With the reduction of mass incarceration, the state and federal prisons would be able to afford and implement actual rehabilitory programs of education which would further reduce the number of incarcerated individuals. Judicial misconduct of judges and prosecutors (District Attorney's) contribute to this mass incarceration, right along with pressure from the prison industrial complex, prisons for profit companies like GEO Group of whom pay corrupt politicians thru campaign contributions to pass more laws to incarcerate more people longer to fill the pockets of the CEO's of these companies. Greed and corruption are at the forefront of our country's problems across the nation. Judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officials really do conspire together to delay and keep as many people in jails and pretrial facilities as long as they possibly can under un-constitutional inhumane conditions so that the 'prisoner' can be 'rail-roaded' (tortured) into a plea deal (innocent or not) so that the 'law' prevails in closing their cases. This makes these officials falsely appear to the public that these officials are accomplishing their goal of keeping communities safe. Why don't 'the people' trust in our judicial system? Because there is no confidence in the integrity of the system. This is partly because time and time again millions of the people are incarcerated for breaking laws that are made by government officials that are not held accountable when they break these very laws that 'the people' are held to. The discrimination, bias and prejudice has to have transparency to 'the people,' by the incarceration of thousands of corrupt judges, prosecutors, governors and cops. No more qualified immunity, wrong is wrong, now matter 'who' you are. 8 July 2020 / COVID-19 Covid-19 hasn't hit Alaska or its prisons at this point like it has in many other places across the nation. We still face the same issues in our prisons as other prisons like: out movement is restricted and we have to wear prison made masks whenever we are not in our cells, that don't allow for social distancing with three people per cell. Reduced recreation time, prisoner job loses, no visitations, reduced and cancelled programming and no medical/compassionate releases. And of course living with the fear of what will happen when COVID-19 is confirmed in our prison. Almost a year has gone by since 9/3/19 Alaska Superior Court Order finding that AK DOC officials violated my civil rights and still no hearing or justice (accountability) from our corrupt court system upon AK DOC officials. AK DOC ACC officials continue to violate civil human rights laws in criminal proportions.

Author: Akmountains

Author Location: Alaska

Date: July 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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