Welch, K. D.



K.D. Welch Nevada Humanity Dear (people), why is it (not) understood that even by an huge % of (US) in (Freedom) is also (Affected) by the (Huge Disproportionate) #'s of us, whom are (Incarcerated)??; (effect's) (you all); not under this circumstance? Because "Today" it's not about committing an Crime or Living Illegally; but Racism is Alive, but on another end RACE matters Not, as All whom are found within the (policial designated) area's (ARE & will & have been & NOW); are being inhumanized by abuse, vile hostility, by these (officials) with "THE" biased mentality. Does it not harm greatly those "whom" possess HATE, ANGER, Hostility & or Racism? Do YOU not cut 1'(s) self off from the world along w all it's awesome opportunities & or experiences that abound.?? The cruel vile conduct by those biased racist w anger hate, hostility extremely effects those of whom does not possess these aspects. It is written in Holy scripture, that if "WE" continue to quarrl w confrontation, "WE" shall (destroy ea. Other); (WHO), (ALL of US); Not Just US Incarcerated but (U) in Freedom, even those in Authority, why?; because the World & US Humans was not created or meant to fight, kill, disrespect, torture or treat (OUR) fellow man, woman, children. Are U sleepy or UNAWARE?? To all of us (WAKE UP) & (please STOP) the (inhumane Treatment) to yourselves, especially to (US) Incarcerated, (Also) unto the world, Animal's, oceans, fauna, (mother earth & the most (PRECIOUS) air we need to live. Is it not very apparent what is (Gained) by violence, anger, hate, et. al.?? Let us All pray for peace love unity; as (WE) (ALL) are truly 1; its only 1 Jesus Christ!! Kwa-heri=goodbye take care you All, comment reply thought, perspective is welcome, what's your new year Resolution?? Advocate, humanitarian, activist-intellectual, friend. Adieu Note to Editor(s) please use Kentrell D Welch with post's & pls include additional info about college, life mentor & other info for personal advancement's, skills trade et. Al. Take care U all & may Jesus Christ bless you all this new year with love, prosperity, health, joy, peace for you & families. Thanks friends Sincerely yours. Transcribed: 2017-04-30

Author: Welch, K. D.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: December 13, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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