I ain’t done yet…

King Coe tha Great



I Ain't Done Yet... By: King Coe I have been to prisons where security staff has been short such as of course Macon and G.S.P. But Telfair S.P. has surpassed even the notorious Hays S.P. This place is ridiculously understaffed. No floor officers: Period. I've been here since 9-[redacted]-19 and T.S.P. even had to recruit officers from Montgomery to bring in transfers from Jackson S.P. which contributes to all of my personal property being lost/misplaced by them. The understaffing is so grand that ofcs. must abandon their posts in order to aid another with their duties and they return the assistance back & forth throughout a 12 hour shift. And as far as the danger level: I cannot attest to that yet. But being of my experience with close security prisons; I honestly believe that T.S.P. is a death trap in the making. But; do not believe that it is all bad considering my experience in Trion, GA at H.S.P. ... I do not have to be tortured by undercooked, raw foods, Racists white supremacy, toxic gases, unsanitized kitchen, unsanitized dorms, skunks, goose shit, verbal vulgar abuse, under portioned meal/calories, outdated spoiled foods, lack of cognitive, education, religious, counseling services, inevitable lockdowns, etc. etc.. So you see; there is some good here, but there is a wide range of security breaches that can/will cause the death of a father, son, uncle, brother, grandfather, cousin, friend whether we acknowledge is or not? My duty is not done, yet. By: King Coe Press Joog

Author: King Coe tha Great

Author Location: Georgia

Date: January 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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