I am a 45 yr old Michigan native

Hooker, Darrell



8/8/19 Dear APWA, This is Darrell Hooker I am a 45 yr old Michigan Native. I was sentenced to 25 yrs to 40 yrs in Michigan prison on false testimony, coerced testimony, and I am now stuck in Michigans very unjust justice system. Life inside a Michigan prison from my view is horrible!! I as an inmate am continually looked down on and looked at a nonhuman by the CO’s. I believe dogs and cat in the humane society are treated way better than the people in here. I am a brittle diabetic and medical staff really have no knowledge of diabetes. The food we are feed is like the serving size for a child, the commissary is way over priced so if you can’t afford it you get the very small portions and are constantly hungry. Rec activity is a total of 4 hours a day, so most of my time is spent in an overly hot cell during the summer and overly cold during the winter. The grievance process is a laugh, if you are seeking better conditions or have issues with CO’s, admin, or have issues with the prison system your screwed and you get told if you don’t like it don’t come to prison. Well, I am not in by choice or from things I did wrong I am among 59% of truly innocent people in MDOC. Michigan has set some of the most harshest law and sentences in this nation. I was vindictively prosecuted, and I am not alone... I am currently appealing my case but any hopes of getting any relief in any Michigan higher court is slim to none, but I continue to pray that I will be home soon and back with my family. I’ve come to the realization that God is in charge and I’ve put my life in his hands. I just hope that Michigan is held accountable for all the wrongful convictions and I hope that the good time is given back and that it isn’t segregated, meaning that if your in prison for criminal sexual conduct, murder, or any number of serious crimes there are about 50 crimes that were put in a list as not being eligible for good time, but the Attorney General and Governor here has made it clear that everyone should be eligible for good time. More later. Respectfully Darrell Hooker [ID] 8585 N. Croswell Rd. St. Louis MI 48880

Author: Hooker, Darrell

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 8, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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