I am a female incarcerated




Dear APWA, I am a female incarcerated at Logan Correctional Center (LCC). I am detain on a unit that they refer to as housing unit that is full of asbestos, lead, and mold. There is even a raccoon that is crapping and peeing in the attic that staff will not capture. Upon starting out there were 3 raccoons. 2 were captures by a trap. Yet the one left has been in the attic over 6 months. Even though several has grieved it nothing has been done. Some ladies even took it upon themself to literarly feed it, but on a good day won't help the sister next to them. We have been having women dying left and right. for they go to health care and report an issue and the nurses who do sick call dismiss it then next thing you know the individual is hurl over and finally someone pay attention and they are told that they have stage 4 cancer or end up having a heart attack, or just dying. Then in Illinois they got this new law that if you file a case federal civil lawsuit you must pay a filing fee of $360.00 off of what people donate to you from friends and family. They don't just take from state pay which is less then .50 a day. Also, doctor scripts are not honored by the instition. It is a hot mess and no rules are truly enforce. It changes daily (rules) at the institution wants. And sad to say I'm in it until the Holy Spirit (God) bless me out of it. Don't get me wrong I'm not a complainer just an open observer. Who want out like yesterday. Thank you Peace - n- Blessing upon you Tammy 2-15-18 P.S. Also after slaving for 2 yrs in the kitchen I was fired due to I'm allergic to oranges and it is in my medical filed by a Lt who was not a food supervisor. And I got fired on my day off for I attended lunch. I try to speak positive but at times one must keep it real truthful. But then a lady who is allergic to fish is still working. Of course she cooks food for the staff workers, but still she has an allergy and work in the kitchen. Just to many double standards.

Author: Tammy

Author Location: Illinois

Date: February 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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