I am advocating for me

Archuleta, Iliana



No Title Dear APWA: I am advocating for me and the women imprisoned in TDCJ-Texas Prisons. We are women that would like to see "Rehabilitative Programs" for first 1st time offenders such as ourselves. We are not given an opportunity, because the state labels us "aggravated" charges - so we do not get any kind of help, rehabilitation, advocacy or opportunity. We are not allowed to receive any type of significant or recognizable constructive programs to help us get a time reduction or learn from our "mistake". We need help/advocacy from our fellow humanitarians to establish House bills, laws, assistance, programs and such for 1st first time aggravated offenders (that are more than likely to never re-offend). This is a "one and done" incident. We have a lot to offer to our community and to our families especially. Please don't throw away the key, we are women, we are human. Help us, to help ourselves. This is the United States of America - not the "Divided" States of America- unite us-restore us-rebuild us for our families for our communities. I look forward to hearing from my fellow Americans- Respectfully, Iliana "Lily" Archoleta, 1916 N. Hwy 36 B.P., Gatesville, Texas 76596

Author: Archuleta, Iliana

Author Location: Texas

Date: November 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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