I am alone

Torres, Eduardo



I am Alone Torres PO Box 409020 Ione Ct 95640 I stand on my own two feet to support myself through the troubles that irreputively left me in prison. I stand alone against everything against me. The systems of prison, mental illness, and of common man oppose me in my search for peace, health, and freedom of oppression. I ask for God and the devil replies, I struggle for health and all I see is illness, I look for a way out but all I see is obsticles, I see my fight is old and unstopable but Im on my own to figure out everything that is in my life because it is for myself. I am alienated by my intelligence, particular obsticles, as well as my far too common position as a prisoner. All I ask for is a clear way out of the trouble I am sinking in. Theres days I see the bright side of living without responsibilities, and then there are times I long for them and hate I let them take everything they did from me. I look at my life to have memories come back to me and a new character arises out of me, a character with more questions and more easily influenced. I fight off my mind to concentrate on reading and development but I lack the peace of mind to do this. I feel like I was placed here to rot my youth away mentally and physically with so little stimulation and government involuntary medication. I lack freedom to talk to women because of my obvious poor situation and lack of available women. I feel sick in my soul. I feel as if the worst imaginable thing is being done to me, something irreplaceable and meaningless. I know I was meant for better things but because of stupid realities I live a low life world. Yet I see more than the walls and locked doors. I see reasoning far beyond of that of a regular person or that, that I would have if it had not been for my maladies. I work on not losing myself. I seek peace in this storm which destroys and makes room for just about anything imaginable. [Illegible] 3-7-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 7, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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