I am an inmate at a Texas prison

Dyer, Clarence



American Prison Writing Archive, I am an inmate at a Texas prison I've been incarcerated since August 2004. My experiences and passions truly reflect my understanding of my position in life. Here in Texas we battle with first a non-conforming slave mentality, that is colorblind! Traditionally, you are to follow what's been passed on to you with no objection, investigation or the least bit of rebuttal. Even in a situation that isn't morally just, people "roll with the punches." Here recently, I along with other inmates participated in a hunger strike. In brief, an aggressive officer "picked." As usual, and as man responded/reacted. I don't condone stupid decisions but what is one to do when you are consistently harassed, bullyed, lied to, lied on with only an option of shut up and take it? "Some" officers operate as civilians but hold you accountable as an officer. The double standard of disrespecting someone because rules, authority, and laws protect them. Some feel invincible with this knowledge, abusing authority in an unjust manner where they continue to oppress the suppressed forcing enforcing punishment on the punished. Then they in fact question one's rehabilitation!! I mean if it all is a play to never get one to advance mentally through the justice system, they a doing a terrific job. I am a firm believer that one has to realize within. Yet in Texas, well there on Wynnebert, you state is disturb recklessly by staff. This triggers horizontal violence and other constitutions. Not only this but no one will ever united. Our hunger strike was triggered but not restricted to collective punishment and largely mistreatment of offenders. For example, inmates complain to officers about recreation privileges. Nothing is done so complaints climb the chain of command. Still, nothing is done. Inmates then go to the grievance process as instructed by officers. In retaliation to the grievances, bogus cases were written in a justifiable form but Sgt.'s are the case investigators who were aware of the initial problem and were blowing it off and are mad due to being named in the grievances. These Sgt.'s instructed their officers to lie and write the cases. So with this, one must fight the grievance process, which is a joke to officers but it nearly all we have. Such biased structures are dangerously destroying the psychologically unprepared so called inmate who distracted throughout this whole process of "rehabilitation. This, in my opinion is triggers recidivism. Maybe that's the goal. I'm not sure. Texas has 108 prisons. Non pay prisoners for work, have mandatory release dates nor credits prisoners for work on good time towards their sentences' "efficiently." Work time and good time is "forced" away by prisoners during the release process. Honestly I will sign away all that I'm accredited for my release Also! TDCJ stock exchange says it all. What magnifies the effect it's a "private" stock! but I am only an inmate. TDCJ is all about an inmates safety and security because they benefit. Point blank. Issues with the system are not directly approached. Presidents don't support TDCJ! There is air condition for the PIGS they slaughter but not the inmates, in which they capitalize off of blatantly! Common pigs! Their natural habitat is not cool. It's outdoors. Texas weather exceeds 100 degrees 30% of summer days yet this isn't a main concern. Texas Department of Criminal Justice is truly unethical there is no way other than that to say that. To be continued...

Author: Dyer, Clarence

Author Location: Texas

Date: May 17, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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