I am Eduardo Jose Torres

Torres, Eduardo



I am Eduardo Jose Torres I am very special, I need to joke to keep that alive because this world throws you in a world on bad term that almost always makes a coping skill into a defeat. Then that makes it especially true for me because coping with my life on simple terms, that is with simple people physically surrounding me is detrimental to my faith and life. I need to just come out and say it, I was destined for a life with great opportunity to say the least; I saw an alien appear outside my door and witnessed his eyes go from black to glowing Blue. I decided to not overstep what I witnessed by going up to talk to him because I was already in a mental hospital, a traumatizing event that I sadly experienced. I need a possy, I was framed of murder and was in a situation that was easily controlled, so easily controlled that it must have been predestined. I lived in two houses each in different counties, each one part of Section B housing, each one next to a cartel operating house, and each one also next to a Cia or otherwise above-the-law-house with no address. The owners of the houses with no address are the issue, they are psycic killers, and physical murderers and are part of a population control operation that is very highly top secret and those who know of it are killed or set up for tragedy. They are the devil, they are in contact with Aliens, ects, ufos, glats, astral planes. I am Eduardo Jose Torres I have a shot to stop the devil in his tracks and save the world from manipulation for destruction. The world needs us to help my cause. I will do everything in my power to rise up a powerful posy through writing and talking to help the people notice the root of their demise. I suffer but it is still not pointless I fight a battle I have not lost. Help. -Eduardo Torres 2-14-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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