I am going to tell you

Turner, Mica



Sept. 17, 2018 Dear Free World Society Read this and educate yourself. I am going to tell you about correctional officers. Medical and mental health personnel conspiring to kill me at C.S.P. Sacramento (New Folsom State Prison in California) I am going to tell you why they conspired to kill me, how they planned to get away with it and what they are doing now that they failed. In 2015 at C.S.P. Sacramento correctional officers threw away all my property, maliciously beat me twice and charged me with battery and then "found" a weapon in my cell too which I ended up getting two years in court for. I wrote several extremely well written inmate grievances detailing everything that occurred, naming everyone involved. Then, I made some very serious allegations against these correctional officers in writing saying they were selling drugs, leaking documents, and participating in organized murder with inmates. (Intel circulating within the inmate population) I outlined the process in writing which also implicated medical and mental health care. I said the following: Correctional officers are engaging in criminal activity and if inmates report anything mental health personnel persuade the inmates to write everything down, make copies, and give them to specific influential inmates who themselves make copies and send them to prisons up and down the state to have these inmates stabbed and/or blacklisted: given inadequate medical and mental health care, (this is how corruption exists and becomes pervasive) I then requested a senate investigation and an internal affairs investigation but because I really couldn't prove any of it it was all swept under the rug. All of this triggered a significant adverse personnel response as it was the centerpiece of a firestorm...and the result was I was completely ex-communicated by the inmate population and all personnel. Things got very scary. I told correctional officers I was suicidal to try to get transferred out of C.S.P. Sacramento and this was taken to C.T.C. (suicide watch) where they tried to poison me. They have some type of chemical that causes heart attacks. (This isn't as far fetched as it may initially seem. Prison officials have access to central injection chemicals and I'm convinced this is what they were using. Moreover, many inmates in prison have high blood pressure and when they die it looks like they died of natural causes. This is exactly how they planned to get away w/killing me.) This chemical was being put in my food. After a week of not eating they threatened to inject me with this chemical. I am only alive today because I had 3 items in my cell. A staple, a milk carton, and a pen filler. I took the staple and carved a message into my thigh: "they injected me w/something to make my heart explode".. Then, I ripped up the milk carton and wrote the same message on a piece of it, folded it up, and then wrapped it extremely well w/string out of my sock and swallowed it w/them watching me through the window on the cell door. Everything stopped and I made it out of C.S.P. Sacramento alive. Now, I am being blocked from accessing records/documents. What I have managed to obtain vital pages are missing which suggests collusion and/or someone sanitizing records and/or my central file in the computer system. Readers please help me achieve some degree of visibility/support and shed light on these peoples current methodology. I wasn't suppose to survive but I did for now. The next person probably won't be so lucky. -The end-

Author: Turner, Mica

Author Location: California

Date: September 17, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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