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Ortiz, Hector



Hector Ortiz New Hampshire NO TITLE I am Hector Ortiz this is my summery of my story, in the State of New Hampshire I was accussed, indicted, arressted and brought to trial, for crimes alleged that were 16 years old, with out DNA, without eye witness corroborative testimony, and unreliable states witness, telling in consistant storys of alleged events that the state alleged happened 16 years ago. I have been incarcerated approximately 6 years I have a habea corpus on the sentencing part of my trial, as I was sentenced 15-30 years, then after case was closed and I was given over to the custody of the Sherif. The Judge, Grof, decided it wasn't enough time and had ordered Sherif bring me back into court and sentenced me agin to 25 to 50 years. I am in N.H. Federal District Court now on this fully exausted issue, is this allowed in U.S.A that a man can be sentence 2 times for the same alleged conviction?. I have a freind help with getting Hebeas Corpus in before 1 years time limit, and to exhaust the issue in state. The State at my sentencing did not object to the 15 to 30 year sentence everyone was in agreement and case was in fact closed. IF we defendents dont object to something at a hearing the state of N.H. repeatedly says the issue is wave. Failure to properly timely object to the issue at time it happens, state dose not allow you to raise it agin later. I work in industries and am maried, I would like asistance in being herd so I Filed this to you in hopes, my story will be accessable to everyone. Thank you

Author: Ortiz, Hector

Author Location: New Hampshire

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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