I am KY DOC Inmate ##### George Luna, currently serving a life w/o parole sentence

Luna, George A.



5-24-18 I am KY D.O.C. inmate ###### George Luna currently serving a life without parole sentence. I came to prison at 38 years of age a skilled journeyman bricklayer who has been in the masonry business since I was a kid. I worked and supported a family all my adult life up until prison. When I arrived at KSR in 2008 I hoped to be a productive rule abiding inmate. On 3-6-09 I was working on the inmate construction crew at KSR. I was ordered to get up onto the segregation building and tear the brick and stone cap off the outer edge of the roof after safety had told me not to be on the roof anymore that day due to 30-40 mph winds and not to be back on the roof without a safety harness at all. The deputy warden Page McGuire ordered me back up on the roof without a harness and threatened to place me in segregation for refusing to complete a work assignment or refusing a direct order even after safety's instructions. While working the wind caught me and I fell 35 ft off the building landing on a pile of brick nearly killing me. I broke my pelvis, ribs, both bones in both wrists, jaw, and crushed my left eye socket and had a massive hematoma to my left temple. The doctors at U of L here in KY told me I would have issues due to these injuries the rest of my life. One in particular told me in describing what was in store for my future that my body was like a china plate dropped and left with a bunch of cracks in the skeletal system that would worsen over time. I told him of the pain I was experiencing here and there for no reason and he told me I had severely traumatized my neurological tree as well and was having referral pain and would most likely experience this the rest of my life and that there are and I was on a good medication to treat and keep this pain under control (Neurotin). For years I kept this pain well under control and was capable of living a fairly normal life. In summer 2015 I started to fall apart. My life began to change. The pain began to become very real crippling at times. I didn't understand it. Medical worked with me to get my pain under control though I went through and still at times was going through pain "crippling at times" but I managed to live as normal life as possible. In August 2017 I was taken off my Neurotin and in September taken off my Tramadol, supposedly because they were scheduled 5 narcotics now as well as inmates abusing them. Since August 2017 I have struggled like never before. I have come to know pain in such severe and frequent abundances that my entire life has been turned upside down. Pain I will never fully be able to describe for someone to fully understand. I don't understand how or why I can get or have pain in the severity in the strangest places for absolutely no reason at any time of day or night through the night awaken from a dead sleep in excruciatingly severe pain. Pins-n-needles ice-cold or burning hot like lava boiling up or just as sharp as possible and sometimes just a mild painful sensation is even possible. My toes will hurt so bad its as someone chopped them off my feet, ankles, shooting pain in my leg, my lower back shooting pain down my buttocks making me feel as I must urinate, my ribs the pain can be in front on sides or back ribs my back shoulders, hands, fingers, wrists pain shooting into my forearms up into my elbow area my neck shooting pain into my head pain like I am being stabbed behind my ears so severe I feel the sensation in the back of my throat to puke. I get sharp pain in my head and my face around my left eye I crushed and had metal plate installed around sometimes ice-cold or like burning lava like a fountain soda fizzing up burning lava or in the strangest places in my face. When the pain is severe enough I hear a sound szch... szch... sczh... and it's like looking through a tunnel and seeing like snow on a TV screen little black bots begin to fly into view until it blacks out the tunnel. I become dizzy my face gets boiling hot. I break a sweat my entire body and head will have a strange sensation. I cannot continue to live like this. I have begged, literally begged, for months for effective relief "help." I no longer live anywhere close to a normal life. I fear the pain. I never know day or night when, where, how long the pain will last of how severe it will be. I can't hardly think anymore, can't concentrate or focus on anything or even read and comprehend. I can't function. I'm a mess, I'm miserable, I'm to a point I hate life, I'm struggling so bad with this pain and can't get a moments relief. I can't get appropriate effective relief or help. No one realistically wants to help me get this pain under control and take my life back. I've been given so much ineffective inappropriate medication my stomach hurts. I puke, my liver has sharp pains in it and now my left kidney is beginning to hurt. I am so stressed out all is becoming hopeless. I was told my Dr. Ramey at KSR that KY D.O.C. chooses to no longer give the medication "neurotin" I need to effectively treat my pain and get it back under control and its alternative Lyrica they don't offer and that when I get back to the real world I'll be able to get the appropriate medication and treatment I need in order to get my pain back under control only I have a life without parole sentence so in effect I'll never know a life without this pain again and will never get my pain or life back under control only through death will I escape the pain. This is depressing, it is cruel and inhumane. I was injured nearly killed working on the inmate construction crew while attempting to be rehabilitated and be a positive and productive inmate and man. I now struggle just so to make it one day to the next. Begging for help and denied it. I am so frustrated I am completely lost ready to give up, shut completely down. Most all of my disciplinary issues are a direct result or at least connected in some way to my pain. Please help me get my pain and life under control. I've been losing this battle for help and with pain for close to 10 months now. It is completely cruel and inhumane to tell a man he must live and suffer with the severe pain I have until he dies. It's too much. It's not only physically painful but mentally as well as the stress factor. D.O.C. needs to take some responsibility and see to it I receive continual effective appropriate medication and relief as I did for years here in D.O.C. They have all my records and are very familiar with my pain and refuse to give me effective relief. I've tried everything with no relief they've given me most of which was inappropriate for my issues. Please help me receive the effective relief I need instead of leaving me to suffer. I have filed grievance after grievance with absolutely NO help. I now bare a miserable painful death sentence in the KY D.O.C. George Luna XXXXXX

Author: Luna, George A.

Author Location: Kentucky

Date: May 24, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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