I am Mia L. White

White, Mia L.



9.29.19 To: Whom it may concern; I am Mia L. White [ID]. I am currently serving out a sentence for revocation on a robbery charge and possession with intent charge in which I am innocent of and the evidence prove's it. Though I was a victim to a sailing system that continues to fail me and I'd like to share my story. Now here on revocation and a new charge of misdemeanor battery, I Mia L. White has not only grown into a woman; but has discovered a new light of understanding and justice. I was being held at the Taycheedah Correctional Institution for women; in Fond-du-lac, WI. When injuring myself while on the walking track. The ground caved in right under my feet and I am prevented my fall; but in the process felt nothing but pain. I sprain my ankle as well as something going wrong with my knee. I felt the feeling of my back popping as if someone had popped my back for me. When trying to apply pressure to the right side of my body I realized I couldn't. So an inmate got the working Sgt. and he then came out to the scene. When he came out he asked if I needed access to care which is a call of the nurse. When the nurse arrived he realized the condition of the walking track. When assessing me I was giving minor restrictions; but what I complained about most. I didn't receive "any" help for (my back). I continued to try to get someone to see me for my back with "No" Results" and even being told the HSU Staff were trained and knew what was needed. I tried to plead that there was something seriously wrong with my back due to the fact that I experienced severe numbness and at time's couldn't move my lower part of my body. I was looked at by staff and told by inmates that overheard staff saying I was faking! With nothing done, I wrote an inmate complaint after writing the captains and following my Administrative Remedies. The complaint examiner affirmed my I.C.E. Form stating that it was indeed the institution's fault and that the track is what caused my injury. After it was dismissed from there on I continued my journey for justice. Not wanting to be just another inmate to be looked over, now at Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center. I am still experiencing severe pain and numbness. My legs sometimes go out on me and I can't seem to sleep at night. I was put on Duloxotine and Cymbalta to help with sleep and pain as well as depression and mood swings due to lack of sleeping. I've gained about 50-60lbs alone over the last year because I am in so much pain that I can't do anything, and when trying to I am left in severe pain, and at times can't even move my body. I went to the emergency room where I found out that I had an untreated fracture. I was asked if I had a fall or an accident in the past prior year or so. I told the nurse I did and explained my pains. She came back once one CT Scan & X-Ray was done and said had you got seen sooner you wouldn't experience this pain, and told me she understood why I was in so much pain as well. The Doctor ordered a CT Scan to be 100% sure. Once he knew he explained that I should see a provider as soon as possible and diagnosed me with Anterolisthesis: which is the upper vertebral body slips forward onto the one below. Also diagnosed with Spondylosis: also known as spinal osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative condition that may worsen with time and may result in surgery if it's bad enough. So this is an inside look of an innocent woman's life without any justice on any level. I am 29 years of age and terrified of one day not being able to walk; because of a system that fails. Sincerely, Mia L. White [ID] 9.29.19

Author: White, Mia L.

Author Location: Wisconsin

Date: September 29, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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