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Powell, Robert



APWA I am submitting this notification along with the questionnaire/permission form in which is to give you authorization to publish/display (etc) any of my possible articles/essays. Yet, I am no journalist, author or poet and not many individuals shall be able to write out their first hand experience with this system. Lack of education is massive inside. It should be noted that prison/incarceration can be viewed from various different perspectives. I am not certain if I will be able to properly speak upon each of them. What is clear and irrefutable irregardless of what site one is on - prison is the modern day plantation. Institution of slavery the 13th amendment makes that clear. And so if this system is clearly an extension of an illegal , inhumane system such as slavery - then prison is just as equally guilty. No one can dispute this. I do not wish to "theorize" or just speak some fancy text book "talk" that may or may not even be took serious. I back in (2009) was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole - convicted on a fluke murder charge. A few months later that same year I was again convicted of yet another murder. Yeah, yeah, "murder" ohhhhh, right? The hype that the system uses to turn society against me is the term "murder" They use that with all of it's negative connotations to make me appear as if I or others with similar charges look like "monsters", "thugs" (etc) (some are) depending on who you ask. The circumstances they are in, whether or not they have family/friend support, wife/girlfriend/kids/husband, money, no money, life, a term of years, up north, west coast or the south - all of these factors can have significant relevance to a person's life of incarceration. Not sure if you wanna hear about my own personal experience? If so I shall next time. I just wanted to get myself on your radar. I can contribute much to APWA and speak on every subject that you seek to gain info on. Im not one to just complain about the problems. There are also availiable many solutions. Who amongst you really cares? But let's not Bullshit around - because I am no staged sucker, corrupted politician and no gag order or tokenism could stop me from being willing to challenge or fight against this system - even on my own. I already been sentenced to death - aint shit else they can do to me. You (APWA) on the other hand had best have a pair of universe sized brass nuts in order to be sincere about this fight. Prison Industrial Complex is a billion dollar corporation. If any average Joe with no heart or power think they could abolish or even change such a system I'd advise you to have your shit together. We shall see what we shall see.

Author: Powell, Robert

Author Location: Florida

Date: June 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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