I am the victim of a campaign of cruel & unusual harassment

Wadis, George



Mr George Wadis NC 4173 Mohanoy State Prison 301 Morea Rd. Frackville, PA. 17932 Dear Sir(s) I am the victim of a campaign of cruel & unusual harassment, to deprieve me of my interest, rights & my property, compensation & otherwise, by fraud, deceit & artifice, in aseparate account from this defraud. I am also the victim of monies owed to me from the sales of my book being historically & flamboyantly withheld & denied!!! My due process rights, also my constitutional rights that guarantees me protection regarding my liberty & property & to the equal protection of the laws, has been disregarded & profoundly violated in many, many, many instances!!! I am also the victim of graft, peculation, criminal maintenance & the obstruction of justice!!! I am also the victim of a flamboyant series of unconstitutional, life threatening abuses, especially as an inmate within the prison system in the state of Pennsylvania!!! My life is being threatened by certain prison employees in a flamboyant, cruel & unusual also in a malicious way!!! I speak of extraordinary & exigent circumstances!!! These facts require immediate intervention, a thorough investigation & an immediate facilitated phone call to contact the prison officials to cause hault & collapse against these constant train of life threatening sadistic, cruel, unusual & malum in se atrocities!!! There are prison staff whom are doing pathetic, perverted, horrible & terrible things to my food!!! They are even influencing inmates to participate!!! They are even influencing inmates to consider attacking me!!! Also to allow prison staff to have unfettered access to impose awful, humiliating, disgusting & unbelievable offenses against me, & to even poison me!!! They act as if they are actually about to poison me!!! I know that they act as if they are about to really kill me especially by way of poison through the food!!! I believe that certain prison staff are even suppling inmates with knives & weapons to attack me with!!! Prison staff are even allowing or even influencing inmates to enter into my cell when I am away from my cell!!! I think that they are doing dishonorable, degrading, humiliating, disrespectful & sadistically perverted atrocities to my personal living quarters!!! I have notified the superintendants, supervisors & others within & without the prison system!!! Unfortunately, they are being historically deliberately in different. They have not responded, or they have not responded reasonably for these abuses continue to exist!!! I even notified all of the judges, supervising judges, the District Attorneys offices, even all of the attorneys that were assigned to represent me during my pre trial detention while I was in the Philadelphia prison system being victimized by notorious, profound, historical, sadistic, unconstitutional, cruel, unusual & evil life threatening abuses similar to those being conducted to me within the D.O.C., however, they were all deliberately indifferent & refused to help!!! I notified Judge Donna Woelpper in Dept. 902 @ the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, also President Judge Sheila Woodskipper, & Judge Roxanne Covington who sentenced me to prison & flamboyantly denied me all of my pre trial rights, even to a pre trial investigation, who threatened to start trial without my presence if I insisted on a pre trial investigation!!! Thus she forced me into starting trial without being properly prepared, also with the effective assistance of legal representation (my attorneys refused to help me), thus she forced me to accept a deal when my case clearly should have been dismissed according to the facts & the merit & evidence that is flamboyantly transmitted that I know that every person within the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia County & others et al. was, & continue to be exceeding ly knowledgeable of, totally abreast with & posted on!!! I was thus denied my guaranteed rights to the equal protection of thelaws. To due process of the laws. A fair & speedy trial. To the effective assistance of legal representation. To be free from cruel, unusual & extraordinary punishment. To be free from retaliation. To be free from excessive bail & fines. Tobe free from discrimination also to my guaranteed rights to access to the courts!!! It is absolutely unbelievable that I have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment after being within the Philadelphia County Jail for seven years enduring the most notorious abuses by staff at the county jail, within the Criminal Justice Center & otherwise in the presence of people throughout the United States of America & in front of people throughout the entire world. Every second of the day & every step of the day for over 7 years. Without intervention. Without due process. Without the equal protection of the laws, etc!!! Judge Roxanne Covington sentenced me to a term of 7/ to 20 years in prison, with full knowledge of all of the evidence in my favor against the historicall, life threatening crimes, offenses & abuses that were super imposed upon me in malicious & vicious ways!!! When know body, know body, know body is above the law!!! The laws apply to every body!!! Nemo est supra legas means that nobody is above the laws, that the laws apply to every body constitutional supremacy means that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land!!! That all other laws, policies, procedures, rules, regulations & otherwise are subordinate & inferior to the United States Constitution!!! How could she possibly sentence me a term of imprisonment in light of the facts, the evidence & the law??? All of this evidence demands & demanded a lawful verdict!!! I could not be lawfully prosecuted for any crime in light of these overwhelming facts!!!! In the spirit of the constitutional safeguards, I know that it is historically unconstitutional to say the least that I be persecuted, prosecuted or punished under these cruel, unusual, evil, extraordinary, exigent, pathetic, sadistic, perverted, malicious, vicious, relentless & unethically criminal realities!!! The judge sentenced me to 7/ to20/ years in prison when I spent 7 years in the county jail upon being sentenced!!! I begged her to release me from detention after I accept the deal. However she refused!!! I could have been given a suspended sentence after accepting the so called deal that I was forced to accept by way of threat, compulsion & duress inwhich is against the la w & is a defense aginst any crime, admission, guilt, confession or otherwise!!! I begged her to utilize her discretion & obey the law!!! I felt as if she wanted me to be sent to prison in an effort to have me killed!!! My life has been flamboyantly threatend from the moment I arrived to the D.C. from the moment I arrived to the Dept of Corrections!!! Inwhich has resulted in historical historical historical loses to me and my freedom, liberties, rights, etc. et al., in evil & flamboyantly cruel, unusual, malicious, vicious, relentless ways!!! She was totally deaf to the voice of justice & she was maliciously deliberately indifferent to the law & my rights! I speak of how she was notoriously indifferent to judicial conduct, to reason, also to the construction of the constitutional mandates & guarantees!!! Also she & Judge Donna Woelpper, Attorney Dominic Goodman, Attorney Richard Brown & others even conspired against me to be seen by a psychologist in an overt effort to attempt to discredit me, to have me sent to the Norristown State Hospital to deem me as incompetent, in efforts to obstruct justice by way of criminal maintenance!!! To prevent me from exercising my constitutionally protected rights!!! I am also a victim of the Defenders Association of Philadelphia profoundly, maliciously, unconstitutionally & unethically denying me my guaranteed rights, my uncompromised rights, my constitutional rights to the effective assistance to legal counsel, thus to a fair trial, thus to due process, thus to the equal protection of the laws, thus to my guaranteed rights, to my inherent, unalienable, uncompromising, undisputed rights, even my right to be free from cruel & unusual punishment!!! Attorneys Richard Brown & Domonic Goodman are also profoundly guilty of this & other terrible cries, offenses & abuses!!! If you can arrange to visit me immediately that shall help!!! Respectfull: God Bless: Mr George Wadis

Author: Wadis, George

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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