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Archuleta, Iliana



9-29-2017 Dear APWA c/o Hamilton College I am writing regarding issues that affect many inmate women here in TDCJ-Texas Prisons. I am currently imprisoned in Lane Murray unit a Texas Prison, one of many womens' prisons that are without an air conditioner, without cold-water fountains, no programs to rehabilitate 1st time aggravated offenders. Texas Prison Administrators are continually putting my and the other offenders/womens' life in danger and at risk. Here are a few, but severly dangerous issues: *No constant/mandated outdoor recreation *No nutritionally adequate meals *Exposed daily to deathly high heat temperatures in dormitories/living areas *No proper or adequate ventilation-suffocation risk in dormitories *Non accessible cold drinking water during high heat extreme temperatures *Excessive medical neglect - verbal abuse from medical staff *Exposed to non-safe environment - black mold, tainted faucet water to drink, recycled drinks served to inmates, re-used razors, burning metal beds/walls, etc. *Improper meal portions *Officers eating offenders food paid by Federal Government *No education/vocational programs offered to immigrants with detainers *Slippery metal moldy showers *Environment exposure full of verbal abuse and mental abuse, inhumane treatment *Slave labor - no payment for any work in Texas prisons *Much more corruption There is no reason for these issues to happen on a constant basis in a prison here in the U.S. The prison administrators continually break laws and do not follow established laws. I urge intervention and advocacy from our fellow communities, we need your voice out there - we are with our hands tied, our mouths covered. None of us in this prison have the death penalty - all of us are going to be re-united with our community - Please help us to stay alive, and not die in these prison walls. Someone is waiting for us outside these walls. We are not afraid to talk - we look forward to hearing from you - Respectfully - Lily Archuleta Gatesville, Texas

Author: Archuleta, Iliana

Author Location: Texas

Date: September 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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