I am writing to shed some light

Peebles, Johnny



February 6, 2014 To Whom. it may concern; I am Writing to shed some light on a matter that many are neglecting to give a platform. I have read many articles in the editorials focusing on the negative acts and influences of inmates incarcerated in the Alabama Department of Corrections (A.D.O.C.) systems. It is quite obvious that someone is telling a story. The question is now whether their story is the unadulterated truth, or just half of the truth. From an inside perspective I can assure the reading and concerned public that the whole story is not being projected and told. I can only question if the title “Alabama Department of Corrections” is the appropriate title? Should not the Alabama’s penal corrective mission be geared towards perpetuating an effective and positive change in the people housed in its system? It is 2014, the world has grown and advanced in vast proportions. It is said that every person has an opportunity to share the joys and comforts of success. Is this a statement founded on truth? Let us look at some truths; in the great State of Alabama, there is approximately over 29,000 inmates incarcerated, not including those incarcerated in the State of Alabama County Jails and Juveniles Detentions Centers. Recidivism is at an all time high, is the word»“corrections” in the Alabama penal system title? The question is; does the State of Alabama promote anything that can be defined as “corrections”? Has the intended corrections failed or was there ever any corrections established in this system? It is true that the inmates incarcerated in the A.D.O.C. system made decisions and committed acts against the laws of our society. These violations mean that an individual must be incarcerated in an environment that should promote growth and . development in confining us from the norms of everyday living. Does the State of Alabama tax payers intend for those individuals that violated the laws of our society he dropped off into a penal system and fester in negativity without any help or change toward getting better? Have the citizens of this great State been misled into thinking there is a system in place that is perpetuating corrections, growth and development? Is it not the purpose of this system of corrections to effect a change in the individuals incarcerated to prepare us to properly function in society upon release? It is time that the good citizens of State of Alabama focus on the inadequacies and the truth being perpetuated by this entity title “Alabama Department of Corrections”, or should I say “Alabama Department of Misdirection”. Thank you for your time and any assistance that you may give in getting the truth out about the Alabama Department of Corrections, it is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Johnny Peebies AiS# 231035 Limestone Correctional Facility 28779 Nick Davis Road H2-15A Harvest, AI 35749

Author: Peebles, Johnny

Author Location: Alabama

Date: February 6, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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