I broke the law




I broke the law. And in breaking the law I was aware that I will be sentence to a prison term. What I wasn't aware of in serving that prison term is the constant physical, verbal, and mental abuse. Also the constant racism this is why it is easy to say that the prison system is modern day slavery. I dont want to complain and not take responsibility for my actions. That is not case. The prison system is a cesspool of perpetual negativity. The average prisoner has to be on guard from both other prisoners and prison guards. There is no rest. There is no relaxation. You have to take it upon yourself to learn and grow as a person in prison and it is very difficult. I have the mental health and substance abuse issues that are not being helped. I haven't been in a program in over five years. It is easier to get solitary confinement than it is to get a program. I've been in "general population" multiples times for months without a program. I wrote, asked, and complained. Still no program. But I can get into solitary confinement in less than ten minutes. I try my hardest to grow as a person on my own but with my issues it is a constant struggle. At times I honestly feel like I am getting worse. And what makes this even more worse is this is more than just my problem: I have a release date!

Author: James

Author Location: New York

Date: July 3, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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