I can speak on so much

Borden, Chavelo



To: All who are seeking knowledge firsthand From: Chavelo Borden Location: SouthPort Correctional Facility Re: "My Thoughts 'Briefly'" I can speak on so much that I have been personally involved in like the Clinton Standoff between Prisoners and Staff; I can speak personally about the Murder of the young brother Terry Cooper who was murdered at 25 years of age by Correctional Officers who still roam free while totally disregarding Human rights to Life and Liberty; I can speak on the 40 man transport busses that are utilized to transport prisoners from 1 facility to the next with not a single safety belt in sight thus violating traffic safety laws imposed by N.Y. State and the list goes on. My goal is to be upfront and direct in my brief "moments in time" where pen meets paper. Currently I'm writing from the SHU due to being alleged to have been "rioting, demonstrating, and creating a disturbance". I am still combating this false allegation. I witnessed Correctional Staff of Clinton C.F. assaulting and battering another prisoner and I spoke up. An act of Non-violence caused me 9 months SHU time and a recommended loss of 8 months good time from my prison term. I am not mad, I'm seeking justice in many forms because my incarceration is my punishment and I am a firm believer in a man being free from injustice. As a Prisoner Advocate and Activist I've been reaching out to the many organizations who are combating to make changes to the Department of Corrections policies due to the complaints about the way this vehicle is being driven. Per the networking with these organizations even if on an informational basis. I am able to provide to a fellow brother in struggle another direction. I've also been providing postage stamps to individuals who I believe need to communicate with they're children. Funds are at a minimum currently so I'm relying on my art and poetry to continue my "For Fathers" movement. Myself and 13 others have provided over 10,000 postage stamps to fathers for the purpose of writing they're children. I alone have provided 1,912 stamps at present. Times are difficult at time but God provides. To say I need help is an understatement but I aim to continue doing God's work. Even while I am within the belly of the beast. We made our goal of 10,000 in 3 months! My goal is to further my network in order to help fathers provide an occasional gift to they're children at least 4 times out of the year. I have found few hospitality organizations on this level and as a father I can relate to how a man who wants to do this for his loved ones feels when he cannot find the means to do so. Prison wages don't even add up to a balance that can reduce a major amount of prison violence. There are many who want but cannot afford to have. In my indigence I've helped many although I aim to help many more. My goal is to bring fathers together in order to combat the rate of incarceration from the inside while keeping fathers and they're children connected. So many people have a negative impression on the Nations Incarcerated population because that is all that the media portrays. My aim is to enlighten all as to the positive and negatives of these prisons of mass incarceration. If anyone needs to reach me feel free to do so. The response will be made to the American Prison Writing Archive and I promise while further giving my word to not be dishonest in the answer to any questions from the state of incarceration to positive advice about changes that can be made on a small to large scale. On Gods Time, Bro. Chavelo Borden

Author: Borden, Chavelo

Author Location: New York

Date: July 12, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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