Yo cometi un crimen




Anonimo Yo cometi un crimen. Lo cual estoy arrepentido llegue al condado ase 22 meses mesenteciaron alos 8 meses de de estar enel condado vina a pricion. Aqui me encuento pues la vida. Aqui es muy diferente ala vida de afuera - por que aqui es mas triste por a livertad que estavas acostunbrado - alavida de afuera comes menos todo es diferente alo de afuera mucha restricion por lo que ves aqui ay diferentes razas de jente ay problemas adiario que ay que saverlos esquivar para vivir sin problemas pues los primeros dias me sentin de primido pero Díos me adado fuerzas para soportar todo esto pero Díos es grande y me adado todo para sobrevivir Estoda me istoria. [crossed out: 15] Translated by Lupe and Bany Anonymous I committed a crime, which I regret. I arrived to the county 22 months ago; I got in prison after 8 months of being in the county. Here I find myself, well, the life. Here it is very different from life outside, because here is sadder because of the freedom that one was used to. You eat less; everything is different from the outside, lots of restrictions. From what you see here, there are different races of people. Here there are problems daily that you have to know to dodge them to live without problems. Well the first days I felt depressed but God has given me strength to surpass all of this but God is big and has given me everything to survive. This is my entire story.

Author: Anonimo

Author Location: Idaho

Date: December 3, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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