I don’t know if it’s because I write to you,

Dodd, Richard



Editors, I don't know if its because I write to you, or that I refuse to accept the status quo; but I write to you now from disciplinary segregation [formerly known as NICC] with a fresh 6 month of lock up time. Its probably a bit of both. You see when I got to be under 10 years, they shipped me to Westville Corr. Facility. It was clear to me that they didn't play fair. When I arrived I asked the law library supervisor to obtain my files from Pendleton Corr Facility [the reformatory] where I spent the last 4 years as a law clerk. When my files arrived, I got a job reference from Pendleton's law library supervisor. So, I was immediately hired at the Westville's law library. I had to wait 2 weeks to be checked out by the internal affairs department. After being approved I was hired and immediately made a positive impact. I had successfully filed suit against their medical provider, and had litigation pending against Pendleton. As soon as the suit was screened and I was given permission to proceed -- I was targeted and singled out for an institutional shakedown. The guy doing the shakedown told me I must have pissed off someone important, because the order to shake me down came from a high up source. I was found to have another offenders "plea agreement" in my possession. Something I was legally allowed to do; see Johnson v. Avery 393 U.S. 483, 487, 89 S.Ct. 747, 21 L.Ed 2d 718 (1969). That didn't matter to these folks living among these corn fields; they wrote me up on a class B conduct report in an attempt to remove me out of the law library -- because I was a threat! Legally speaking. Anyway I go to the hearing and since I was 5 years clear the disciplinary hearing officer drops the conduct report to a class C write up. I was glad because I could get my job back, and get my dept. of labor "Legal Secretary" classes reinstated. Not the case. I got a letter from Administrative Assistant "David Leonard" telling me that I'm being administratively removed and will never get the job back in the law library. The dept. of labor supervisor told him he couldn't do that over a Class C conduct report. So Mr. David Leonard, who just so happens to be the one in charge of the disciplinary hearing appeals, grants my appeal! But orders a re-hearing of the Class B. So I am called to a special hearing where I'm the only one there, in a place where it's normally not held -- and without a pass. The hearing was held by the head honcho of the CAB [conduct adjustment board]. He was clearly on a mission for Mr. Leonard. Its so unfair! I'm suppose to be protected by federal law [Johnson v. Avery] but I'm finding that these people do whatever they want. I'm just tired of fighting, because it doesn't do any good. So, when I learned of what you are doing, I figured the least I could do is put them on blast. I believe its retaliation for filing suit against Pendleton. Someone called in a favor and said something along the lines of: "Don't give him a desk-chair and computer with hours to spend suing us! Get rid of him!" Like I said I've been locked up 22 years for 2 nonviolent crimes and have spent my time learning the law; and now I know a little bit about a little bit. They sent me to Westville, which is suppose to be condemned, at least it says so online [so I'm told]. But they just change the address and I guess that makes it all better. It was P.O. Box 0473, Westville, IN 46391 -- Now it's 5501 South 1100 West. Westville, IN 46391. It's a goldmine for someone looking to capitalize on their shortcomings. If they keep screwing with me I will start filing -- I do have 6 months of idle time. People are definitely being treated unfairly -- and don't get me wrong; a lot of these dudes deserve to be here, but how long is too long. 22 years and I got 6 1/2 more to go for 2 nonviolent crimes. I can't wait to get out and speak to the General Assembly or even to Congress, because they are clueless, they need some quality insight. The problem is everybody is looking to line their pockets. I see it because I am surrounded by it all day every day. The accreditation scam, the inspections by the dept. of health. They only dance when people are watching; when they leave -- everything goes back to the way it was. And we're the criminals.... Until next time Richard Dodd

Author: Dodd, Richard

Author Location: Indiana

Date: November 7, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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