Yo calli aqui el año 2010




Rios Yo calli aqui el año 2010 y cuando llege metrataron vien y asta horita estoy vien porque estoy trabajando gandando 30¢ la hora lo unico que no puedo ver a mi familia pero les llamo por telefono de vez en cuando pero por comida pus aqui nos da tres lonches pero si nos tratan vien no me quejo asta horita yo vibo esta limpio yo cocino como ala hora que quiero lavo cuando quiero todos los diaz nos lavan la ropa yo estoy bien de salud nunca me e enfermado asta horita violencias no atenido problemas con nadie me porto vien pus educacion yo no fui mucho a la escuela noma 3 anos pero yo vengo ala escuela averci aprende poco me familia muy monita comunicacion unos en Mexico y unos aqui en ID y hotros en Houston TX lo unico que me afecta es que tengo que pedirlas alluda ami familia economicamente [crossed out: 9] Translated by Loera and Stull I ended up here in the year of 2010 and when I arrived they treated me well and up until now, I am fine because I am working earning 30 cents an hour. The only thing is that I cannot see is my family, but I call them by phone every once in a while, but for food, well here, they give us three meals but yeah they treat us well. I don't complain. Up until now, I live life clean. I cook, I eat when I want. I wash when I want. Every day they wash the clothes for us. I am healthy. So far, I never got sick. Until now. Violence, I haven't had any problems with anyone. I behave myself well. Well, education, I did not go much to school. Only 3 years, but I am going to school to see if I can learn a little bit. My family is very beautiful, communicating with some in Mexico, some here in ID and others in Houston, TX.. The only thing that affects me is that I have to ask my family for economical help.

Author: Rios

Author Location: Idaho

Date: June 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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