I found of your resourse and group

Black Cloud



12-1-15 [No Title] I found of your resourse and group of individuals through a fellow prisoners, prison legal news paper. I unfortunatelly didn't write down or remember the word essay on prison essays on life in prison. I rather die than let these cops get away with what they did to me. Buck up, here we go! I was placed in a block with several mentally ill inmates. After complaining to officials my demands were met with apathy. I was compelled to act out to be removed after I was denied in writing by Dr. ford. On March 27th 1015 I was jumped on by two sergeants in their office. That whole weekend my water was cut off in my cell. Second shift officers were refusing to feed me as well. I was eventually placed in the L-C range in the hole for a false assault on the sergeant. The guards lost my laundry and didn't help me get it back. I on May 7th was punched by another sergeant in the disciplinary panel. That same sergeant helped the other sergeant jump on me in his office on March 27th. Mind you in both incidents I was chained with cuffs and shackles. They jumped on me with their billy clubs, fists and maced me. All the while that bitch Ms. gladman and these dumb asses insist that I'm severely mentally ill. After I was held on the wall with my wrists being bent, a lieutenant sprayed me directly in the face. I was shaved back in my cell with my plumbing off and food refused as I soaked in blood and mace, for days. Though that concludes my live short story about my life at Southern Ohio Correctional facility. It's imperative on you seeing why I hate police! It's cool because paybacks a bitch that I love fuckin with. I thank you for allowing me to submit this essay weather accepted or not. I would rather perish than to let these people get away with what they did to me. -Sighing out, truly-

Author: Black Cloud

Author Location: Ohio

Date: December 1, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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