I grew up in the slum society of Chicago

Scott, Jovon



From: Soran "Forever the White" Scott I grew up in the slum society of Chicago, Illinois. My mother fell victim to crack cocaine and my father wasn't much of an influence that I followed. Rules are what create order out of chaos and I lacked the mental and constructural ability to ground me morally and socially. I never truly had any supportive family members except my older sister, Celeste Radcliffe, so I formed to the next thing that made me feel whole, the gang culture. Society enabled me from succeeding in life, just as much as my own decisions and lacking the supportive cast. I learned to live for the moment and longevity became a far fetched depiction of an edited reality that only existed in the reality of broken promises. My mother's side of the family ever male just about went to prison. The only success story would be my cousin, Anthony Davis, who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. All I've ever become accustomed to was gangs, violence and drugs. I gravitated toward what I thought was conducive to me moving forward in life but I was sadly mistaken. When you give a broken child an option between survival and a model citizen, You'll create a transfixed mentality that he has no value. How can I be judged by a jury of peers who live in a middle class society? If you live in a jungle where nearly every animal can eat you, you'll learn to adapt to survive. Now put yourself in urban America and position yourself where survival becomes based on your options - either kill or be killed. What would you do? Not all people arm themselves to commit senseless un violence, but many do to protect themselves. Again, put yourself in the position of survival in the jungle and ask yourself - what would you do?

Author: Scott, Jovon

Author Location: Illinois

Date: February 2, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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