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Rupert, Bob G.



[No title] Editor Hill College 4-17-19 I had opportunity to see a article on Al Sharpton. Supporting criminal justice reform. As a 2020 presidential running platform. Apparently... It's Mr. Sharpton's position that there exist a voter's base that can be utilized. Due to the over 2.24 million incarcerated. Over 4.8 million under some form of supervision. This is a obvious hyper-incarceration crisis. The calling of America This is mass incarceration is on a scale of historical levels. Strategies of incarceration designed for manipulative purposes. To propel industrialization of an incredible portion. Bill Clinton was the most detrimental president in history to lengthen sentences. Create enhancements - the enhancements often times supersede the current charged crime sentence - the American Justice System creates and manufactures crimes in order to incarcerate. The local public defenders office is the first focus necessary in criminal justice reform. They are a fraud to the tax payers. They receive tax payer's funding for a service not provided - they represent at a un-constitutional level. They victimize the intellectually challenged defendants. Its abuse. All to convenience the courts. In some cases for political purposes. Court house politics There is a ripple effect. The law enforcement community know the level of representations that is provided by their local public defender office. They become a law unto them selves. They perform un-constitutional stops - illegal searches. And plainly fabricate - indigent defendants receive a "placebo" defense. Law enforcement go un-challenged. Recently in Texas it was discovered high level law enforcement officials were fabricating C/I information in order to secure search warrants. This invites the question - how many years did this go on before it was exposed? Other scandals? it's a outrageous position that in America it's necessary to police the police. We have police investigate police when there exist such a astronomical volume of incarcerated and it becomes a presidential running platform for criminal justice reform. Clearly an admission there exist a astronomical problem. They violate the constitutional rights of citizens. In order to incarcerate the prosecution of police officer(s) for murder. Its all a hoax prosecution placebo prosecution. The conviction rate for these police murders are the end of placebo prosecutions the criminal justice reform needs to start by drain the swamp at the public defender's offices. Elevating the representation integrity to a constitutional level is a good place to begin. And the public defender's private investigators. That's another placebo a fraud to tax payers. The sheer volume of people that have now been negatively effected by the scandalous law enforcement community have exploded in to such huge dimensions that there becomes a voter base. It's clearly a problem that cannot be ignored. The problem is multi-fronted - the preposterous, ridiculous, absurd abuse demonstrated upon the indigent defendant(s) that are mostly intellectually challenged by their defense counsel appears to be a unconquerable problem. Receiving a constitutional level of defense is more of a battle - problem - than being prosecuted is. The tail is wagging the dog. Sincerely Mr. Bob G. Rupert

Author: Rupert, Bob G.

Author Location: Washington

Date: April 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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