I have been incarcerated here at FMWCC




APWA, I have been incarcerated here at FMWCC since 2013. I will not be considered for release to go home until 2018. This is my 5th time in prison, 3 times in Chowchilla, Calif. and now twice here in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first time in prison was in 1992, and this time will be my last. You would think with all the money that Nevada generates from the casino's FMWCC would offer rehabilitation classes or even college classes. A little history about FMWCC...this prison opened September 1997 which at the time it was run and operated by CCA. This is the first and only privately own prison in the history of Nevada. It was originally designed to house at maximum 500 women. In 2005 N.D.O.C. took over the operation of their prison. Before NDOC took over, CCA offered rehabiltative classes such as: *Cordon Blue cooking course *Hottaculture *eye glass repair and tint *floral design *Quilting *flagging metamarphasis classes: *self esteem *co-dependencies no more *money management *street readiness *smoking [cessation?] *relationship skills *hygiene *how to write a resume mental health classes: *anger management *victim awareness *cage your rage *domestic violence *commitment to change 1, 2, +3 *sos for emotions *accounting *business skills and college classes offered from the local community college Now that its N.D.O.C. operated their focus is to rehabilitate the men. Currently, we are offered 4 classes. So me personally I believe I am being warehoused not rehabilitated. This prison is currently passed 950 women. I can admit that the last 4 times being in prison was "comfortable". What I mean is that I had the mind set that coming to prison was no big deal to me. While in Calif. prison I witnessed a woman who owed money for drugs get raped with a hot curling iron. Another woman got a needle full of AIDS infected blood shot in her neck because of drugs. Here in Nevada the women are more complacent. They complain but dont want to do anything to try to change anything. There are boxes in culinary that have labels "not for human comsumption" and yet it seems Im the only one who is getting in trouble for contacting people to get something done. The Dept. of Justice, Southern Nevada Health Dept. ACLU, ect... Although I've been told that I cant help people who dont want to help themselves. All the effort Ive put into trying to change things that arent right here, Ive learned that rehabilitation starts within. If I cant change my mind set then when I leave here I will be back. Presently I am 48 years old. Ive missed out on 80% of my sons life, and now I finally met my 3 year old granddaughter for the first time. The guards here have a high turn over rate. If they dont quit or transferred, they are walked off for having sex with inmates, or bringing illegal things in to women. Alot of the c/o's abuse the authority that they are given by verbally, mentally, and physically assaulting us. I was sent to prison AS punishment, not FOR punishment. Thank you

Author: Sabrina

Author Location: Nevada

Date: April 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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