I have been incarcerated since 2010




From [redacted] April 21 I have been incarcerated since 2010 for a crime am completely innocent however due to my confession that was covered and a plea it has been very hard to challenge such conviction. However since such incarceration I have seen the many changes throughout my last convictions of many years ago. The corruptions that goes on behind these walls is incredible that begins with officers who get away everyday abusing their authorities over the Inmate, Prisoner or The Incarcerated in each and every way they could. For many years officers have gotten away with murders of many inmates since before the Attica Riots. But now is more active in some way because they cover it up without the publics even knowing it. One prime example of the cover-up is when the new gym was built in Clinton Correctional Facility when they found many remains within the ground. What was the excuse given to stop such investigation, after finding many skeletons and old state boots. The other main excuse of many inmate killings by officers is he hanged himself, but before releasing the body the medical examiner that at times is in the cover-up tells the family the only way they could get the body is not to have a autopsy by their own medical examiner. Why this is told to the family, is very simple because the fact is that inmate was beaten before his death and may had died by the beaten. These officers have never been convicted of any murders instead get promoted to higher positions and Department of Corrections hides it and without the publics ever acknowledgement of such killings. But let one officer get hurt or murdered its all over the news. 97% of assaults on staff are started by officers which the inmate is just protecting himself, however half of the facilities officers attack and charge him with assault on staff. Meanwhile he's the one with broken bones or at times dead? Inmates within the wall are always wrong and officers are right even when they lie on a misbehavior report. They curse at inmates and treat many cruelty by making their own rules, they plan weapons at times and produce many problems at times etc. Not every CO is bad as the same not every prisoner is as well? The medical at Green Haven correctional facility is like in every other prison, they don't care about your health. Myself at one point went to the medical here because of a deadly infection in my gums that half of my face was like a blow-fish. The doctor wanted to give me painkillers and send me back, and when I told her I could not see they contacted the outside hospital. I have known many at this facility who had died because of the neglect of such medical staff here. The industry complex treat inmates like slaves paying as little as .45 cents where they make millions, without showers or any medical assistance if we get hurt in any way. Some of the facilities are hazardous and at Green Haven C.F. the corridors or halls do not have heaters and in the winter we are forced to stay in these corridors or halls for extended times in the cold. The soy food that Department of Corrections provide is also dangerous making the men sick, which the men facility is treated very different than the female. Department Facilities steal money, has officers steal packages and it goes on and get away with it and might always will. Inmates actually try to do a good bid and some of the programs are out dated, that's the only thing Green Haven really has Good Programming. By [redacted]

Author: Frankie

Author Location: New York

Date: April 21, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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