Yo etenido una enfermedad

Gomez, Aristeo



Aristeo Gómez Yo etenido una enfermedad ase mas de cuatro años con un sangrado que tendo en mi estomago que son unas benas que se revientan en hemorragia el histentino grueso y provoca que uno sangre cuando uno ase del dos si no siempre y en el medico si me an bisto los medicos pero no quieren operarme porque disen qu asi ya baser mi vida. Porque no pueden operarme sino hasta que este anemico por falta de sangre. Y yo mesiento mal porque siempre meduele el estomago y sangro demaciado. No todo el tiempo sino cada tres semanas si no cada dos meses pero medura dos o tres dias. Y siempre les pongo medico cay pero medisen lo mismo que no pueden aser nada que mi organismo esta trabajando bien. Pero ami ber estos medicos no son medicos titulados porque nunca medan medecina para el dolor que yo tengo esto que digo aqui es verdad no es mentira. [crossed out: 4] Translated by Skibeness and Juarez I have had an illness; it's been more than four years. It’s a bleeding that I have in my stomach. There are some veins that blow out in the large intestine, which provoke bleeding when I go to the bathroom, or always. At the doctor's office, I have been seen by the doctors, but they don't want to operate because they say that's how my life is going to be, and they can't operate on me unless I am anemic because of lack of blood. I don't feel well because my stomach is always hurting, and I bleed too much. Not all the time, but every three weeks, or every two months, but it lasts two or three days. I always tell doctors that but they always tell me the same thing that they can't do anything that my organism is working well. But the way I see it is that these doctors are not qualified doctors because they never give me any medicine for my pain. What I am saying here is true; it's not a lie.

Author: Gomez, Aristeo

Author Location: Idaho

Date: October 20, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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