I matter

Garnica, Peter



I Matter Some people whom we will encounter throughout life, unwillingly empower us with their harsh word's, negative attitude's or physical abuse! By their treatment of us, in a less than humane manner....... we will either except their appraisal of us,.. or refuse to entitle them any further, than what they have already superceded themself's to be, and begin the process of validation within ourself's. That start's by saying "I'm a person who deserves a fair shake," and at the very minimum, should be afforded with the same treatment, and respect. They themselv's would expect to recieve, should the role's be reversed! In a time where much emphasis is being put forth tword equalism, anti-bullying, and the "#metoo era." Why are people incarcerated treated; "a lot less than humane?" These are not accusation's meant to attack the foundation's of medical, food, or living conditions....but strike's at the core of the treatment itself,...of people to people. Which one forgets to consider. Partly due to the poor choice's made by a person. However mainly due to the empowerment or entitlement, one has.....due to the uniform, suit, or robe he/she put's on during the course of their day. As opposed to the up and down's another (me/we) put's on with the letter "P" on them used to signify "prisoner"! In theory! However I do believe there is science to prove; such attire, does contribute. To the breakdown of one's self-worth, leading (them/us) to the feeling of, "a little lesser than I used to be". Which in some cases, will leave some with nothing! My point being!..In this pursuit of life, who is it, that deserves to qualify one life above another? In the news I kept hearing "black lives matter," I agree! However keeping it 100, "all lives matter," my life matters! If what Im saying is true, then why in my life have I not been able to validate it with strong convictions? Perhaps it is because, I had given up and given in so many times. That my thought process had evolved to believe contrary to my self-worth. If this is so. The sense's within me have begun to awaken..... Im starting to feel like "I matter" Im starting to forgive myself, and above all, Im starting to love myself. By Mr Peter Garnica

Author: Garnica, Peter

Author Location: California

Date: April 2, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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