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Dancer-Thunderbird, Rainbow



Dear Sirs I need more info and more permissions slips for other inmates! I would like permission to write my story! I'm facing 15-30 years for a crime I did not commit. Convicted on no evidence no facts no witness no negative medical reports. Just a females testimony under PA's "Stand alone Law! I got railroaded by a P.D. who after a wk end of my trial joined the DA's team!!! They wont give me a new trial even though my PA consultation rights under valued and my [illegible] 14 Amendment right violated I'm in the appellate process now at Superior Court level. The DA has over recomend a sentence valuation but no new trial. As most people here I'm being punished for not taking the plea deal of 7-10 yrs. So they hit me with the max. I'm not alone plenty of other inmates and doing life on nothing but a persons (mostly females) testimony. No fact no evidence, just stand alone law! We need to get our storys out. Thank you for your time Sincerely, Rainbow Dancer Thunderbird AKA. [redacted]

Author: Dancer-Thunderbird, Rainbow

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: March 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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