I often wish I would not have committed those crimes

Sims, Charles Ray



Essay Written By: Charles Ray Sims Date: 9-22-20 I often wish I would not have committed those crimes, but that's not reality. When I went to court to plead guilty, I received a 15 year sentence for two class B felonies. I thought that I would be out in two and a half years. But once I got to A.D.C. I found out that I had to serve the whole 15 years. Boy was I stressed out and mad at the same time. Then I tried going to the law library, to see if I could withdraw from the plea. The sad part about it no one, not my public defender, the judge, nor anyone else tell me that I would have to serve all my time. The reason I thought I would be eligible for parole, is because my public defender told me it would be up to the parole board when I got out. I filed a motion to withdraw plea, but it was shot down or must I say denied. It's sad but my motion went in front of the same judge that sentenced me. I've tried everything I could but all of my motions and petitions were denied. I've been in prison since 7-8-10, and its been a lot of learning experiences for me. If I live long enough, I'll be home 10-24-24, and I long for that moment.

Author: Sims, Charles Ray

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: September 22, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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