I really want the public to know the sad realities

Liepe, William



10-23-20 To them concerned, I really want the public to know the sad realities of living as an inmate in Northern State Prison. Basically being in a small 10 x 8 space, with cell mate, for 23 or more hours per day. One problem is cell mates. Where there is no screening to check that two perspective cell mates are even near compatible. Therefore, most of the time they are not, which automatically creates a problem. I am 68, a farmer/owner, net union laborer, intelligent and fairly educated. I admit I'm not a person who matches up with many housed here and finding a compatible cell mate is difficult. There is great stress created living in such tight quarters with an uncompatible stranger, as one can imagine. So much so it probably is the main cause I was in the hospital for two days. A second problem is the correction officers. John Grisham in "The Racketeer" said, "Most CO's are former cops, deputies, or military types who didn't do well in those jobs and now work in prison. There are a few good ones but most are losers who are to stupid to realize they are losers." I understand because of some bad inmates the CO job can be complicated. However, it is unfair to treat all inmates as they would one who was bad. A third problem is the system itself. Our justice system needs a complete overhaul, starting with the N.J. Supreme Court and ending at the lowest law enforcement persons. This system keeps far to many people incarcerated who could and should be contributing rather than a burden to society. Many people were over convicted/prosecuted or convicted of crimes that didn't exist. Living in prison as an inmate is: 1. humiliating 2. heart braking 3. boring 4. stressful 5. mind altering, and these are just a few issues. I find that we are existing not living in conditions much like animals in a zoo. At 68 I wonder if death is not better. If I can't be working my farm, why has god kept me, I ask him a lot. Truly Bill Liepe

Author: Liepe, William

Author Location: New Jersey

Date: October 23, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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